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Colour of the Month - Mulberry


Welcome to our new colour of the month feature! Now that we are up to over 300 colours here at Kettlewell we know that it can be near-impossible to choose just one, so each month we're going to focus on our favourite colour of the moment, showing you how to know whether it works for you and how to style it with aplomb.

Our inaugural Colour of the Month is... drumroll.... Mulberry! Not only is February the month of hearts and flowers, with Valentine's day falling bang in the middle, but at this time of year, when winter feels like it will never take the hint and leave and spring feels just a little bit too far away, a vibrantly wholesome shot of a rich pink that doesn't feel too splashy for the time of year is just the thing to lift your spirits.

Can I wear it?

Mulberry is a distinctly cool toned colour, with a plummy blue undertone rather than a warm yellow one, which means it's going to look absolutely incredible on you if you have a cool skintone. Under a seasonal colour analysis system this equates to a Summer or a Winter palette. If your palette is warm toned - Spring or Autumn - then this emphatically cool colour definitely isn't for you, but panic not, we've got some gorgeous alternatives to suggest later on in this post.

How to wear it 


Silver Ellipse Necklace | Mulberry Swing V Neck | Wild Orchid Cashmere Gauze Stole | French Navy Reiko Chinos | Mulberry Lace Camisole | Cassis & Mulberry Leopard Faux Wrap | Navy Ponte Pencil Skirt | Pink Ice Camisole

How to wear it 


Ice Silver Cashmere Gauze Stole | Mulberry Soft Square Vest | True Red Ponte Pencil Skirt | Snow White Milan Knit Cardigan | Charcoal Mid Cascade Wrap | White Reiko Chinos | Cassis & Mulberry Leopard Scoop

Your alternative 


Dewberry Ponte Kick Skirt | Soft White Sara V Neck | Marine Teal Reiko Chinos | Cassis Silky Roll Neck | Merlot Sienna Leggings | Pebble Grey Silk Blend Blouse | Bordeaux Marie Trousers | Camel Merino V Neck 

Your alternative


Shocking Pink Hetta Long Tee | Star Blue Ponte Kick Skirt | Watermelon Lulu Layered Top | Popcorn Cosy Merino Wrap | Pebble Grey Marie Trousers | Strawberry Milan Knit Crew Greystone Roxy Jacket | French Navy Reiko Chinos

Jean on Feb 21, 2019 11:53 AM

What a wonderful idea, and what a lovely colour to begin with.

Penny on Feb 15, 2019 12:01 AM

I wear it with a roll neck and skirt in a deep colour eg navy, chocolate, sapphire and with a tie-wrap or bolero cardigan on top matching the skirt. Also with cassis as per the leopard print - really wish there was a cassis skirt to put with it !

Also hope you bring back damson which is equally gorgeous but a little deeper.

Sharon on Feb 12, 2019 2:25 PM

As a 'Summer',

I love wearing mulberry with light grey marl, soft white and denims.

Artist Helen on Feb 09, 2019 9:01 AM

I'll happily go for this in '19 in preference to Pantone's Living Coral! Gorgeous colour and just right for Feb as a mood booster. I like the idea of colour of the month and advice on styling (or avoiding) it. Look forward to the next exciting instalment!