Most of us will have looked back on a holiday snap or family photo and thought, “I loved that outfit but I don't look my best in that picture". Obviously we all have good and bad days, but the fact is that these comments are almost entirely down to the colours you are wearing.

During a colour consultation, a stylist will compare dozens of drapes to see which make you look livelier, healthier, fresher and more in harmony. The first pairs of drapes will be to ascertain whether you have warm or cool skin tone (a blue or yellow undertone to your skin). Then you will be diagnosed as a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, and given a leather wallet of your colours to help you when you are shopping.

Once your analysis is complete and you’ve done some wardrobe decluttering, you can use the amazing tool that is Kettlewell. By dividing our clothes by season and colour coding each item, we have done 90% of the work for you when it comes to buying pieces that make you look your very best. Happy shopping!