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How to win your ultimate holiday essentials

Some holiday essentials transcend the destination. Whether you're heading for the pool, the beach or a glamorous city location, some things should never come off your packing list.

Not only am I going to let you in on my ultimate 'getting on a plane to anywhere' packing guide, but Kettlewell has joined forces with cult body care brand Legology to offer you the chance to win our ultimate packing essentials.

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Co-ordinated colour clashes

Every few years, another colour clashing trend comes around, and while some of us embrace it with huge confidence, the rest of us tend to sidle around it slowly, keeping our outfits nice and safe and, at most, 'neutral with a pop of colour'. Well, it's 2017 and the trend has cycled round again, but this time we've decided to make things simple for you by showing you how to pair clashing colours in a way that makes you look and feel amazing.

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Inside the Studio - by Melissa

While the rest of the world has been focused on what to wear on holiday this summer, here at Kettlewell we’ve been busy concentrating on what they will be wearing next Autumn. Over the past weeks, we’ve been putting the finishing touches to our A/W17 collection ready for the upcoming photo shoot in early summer, as well as making headway with S/S18. 

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Get summer ready: new colours, new styles

Not quite feeling summer ready yet? If your wardrobe needs a little helping hand, look no further than Kettlewell's new summer styles.

The Helena blouse will give an instant pretty update to your wardrobe. Pair it with slim jeans and ballet pumps for a pub lunch or smarten it right up with a pencil skirt. The longer length back is ideal if you are less than confident about your rear view, and for perfecting the half tucked front.

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Yellow - the ultimate springtime shade, for every colour palette

Yellow is such a polarising colour. I would say that 75% of clients have strong feelings about it, either positive or negative. Of course, most of those feelings come from experience either of their perfect yellow (a Spring who has inadvertently hit on their perfect shade of canary), or their worst version (usually a Winter or Summer who has been persuaded into mustard or corn by well meaning friends and family).

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Spare your blushes - how YOU should wear this season's must have shade

Pink, in all its many and varied shades, has been a huge part of 2017 fashion news. From pale dusty shades to vibrant fuchsia, pink has been all over high street and high end shops. Perhaps the favourite shade, and certainly the least intimidating for many of us, has been blush pink.

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Tonal directions or seasonal analysis? Translation 101

When I write the Kettlewell blog, I talk almost exclusively in seasonal terms (i.e. referring to the colour palettes as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), and within that the different 'types' of each season. However, the palettes can also be divided up according to 'tonal directions' rather than seasons.

In the interests of keeping things clear for all of Kettlewell's customers, not just those who have had a seasonal analysis, a translation guide seemed in order.

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Hit colour refresh

What a month March is turning out to be. Not only have we been busy putting the finishing touches to our A/W17 collection, but we’ve been zipping between location recces in Bath, high summer brochure photo shoots in London and filming in Henley-upon-Thames. Added to that, Kettlewell has had the best start to a season ever, for which I must say a huge thank you for all your continued support.

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Back to basics - neutrals for every palette

When you get your colour analysis, the emphasis can be very much on the colours. Leaf green, cobalt blue, raspberry red, mustard yellow and a host of others; all the colours in your palette can somewhat steal the show from the more sedate dove greys, chocolate browns and navy blues.

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Time for tees - by Melissa

There’s something about the arrival of spring, the sun shining, the birds tweeting and that hint of warmer summer days to come, that has got me excited about wearing T-shirts again, this time unencumbered by winter cardis and jackets.

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Meet the Accessories - by Jo

I've shown you a few sneak peeks, but I thought it was time we took a proper look at the accessories that Kettlewell have added to their essential collection of wardrobe basics.

For me, Kettlewell has always been about providing wardrobe foundation blocks in a rainbow of colours, and I think the accessories are the next logical step in that process.

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What to buy after your colour analysis - for every palette

If you've recently had your colour analysis, you might still be in that post analysis slightly-panicked-and-confused phase, where you've been given your season, you've looked at your wardrobe and spent a few minutes hyperventilating at how many 'wrong' colours you own and you've chucked out perhaps three items of clothing that you never liked much anyway. And now you're not quite sure what to do next.

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Better than Black

Way back last year, I wrote a post on how colour analysis can still work even if you are addicted to black, and I promised you a post on some even better options when you felt ready to ditch the black for good. Finally, that post has made it to the top of my never-ending list of post ideas.

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Bring on the sunshine! by Jo

This is always one of my favourite posts each season! Even though I’ve been allowed to see the new collection several times already (when it’s being selected, when colours are being coded, when the catalogue is being written), it somehow always seems far more exciting and real when I get to share it with you.

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It's all in the detail by Melissa

Each season, before all the garments are shipped, I make a point of visiting our factories to inspect the production. With a matter of weeks now to go before the new SS17 collection lands, I’ve been out to Portugal with my Quality Control Manager, Anna, to visit two new factories

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Who you gonna call? Mythbusters! by Jo

Fashion myths drive me bananas. I find arbitrary rules such as 'blue and green should never be seen' and 'everyone looks chic in black' utterly infuriating, and they instantly make me want to go out wearing my bluest and greenest clothes all at once, preferably in vertical stripes with mismatched textures and a print on my widest part, for maximum offence.

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Location, location, location by Melissa

The eagle-eyed among you may remember I blogged about shooting our Spring and Winter models for the Spring 2017 catalogue in a London studio back in November. Well, that was only part of the story because the other half of the book – Autumn and Summer – was photographed this month in Cape Town, and John and I are just back from the shoot.

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Join the Club - by Jo

Kettlewell’s silky tops have become a bit of a cult classic in recent years, featured in national press fashion pages and worn and loved by thousands of loyal customers. And with good reason.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried these incredibly versatile tops, you need to. Slim fitting and fine enough to wear as thermals under winter layers (perfect for ski season!) 

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New year, new colour combinations - whatever your palette by Jo

January can be such a time of drudgery. You might be off the wine and chocolate, sick of the grey weather or just experiencing a post-festive-period come down; sometimes this time of year is a bit of a challenge.

Whatever the weather and whatever your mood, however, I guarantee that refreshing your wardrobe with a new colour combination or two will lift your spirits and get you excited about your clothes again.

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Five reasons to get a colour analysis in 2017 - by Jo

No messing around, here's why you need to make 2017 The Year Of The Colour Analysis:

1 Because neutrals matter...

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 - Greenery - by Jo

I know this isn't the very first post of the year, but writing about the Pantone Colour of the Year has started to feel a little like the official start of the new year for me ...

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The Photoshoot Diaries by Melissa

Ever wondered what goes on at a Kettlewell fashion shoot? Melissa takes us behind the scenes at the Spring/Summer 2017 studio shoot earlier this month…

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Sale Picks - Six of the Best - by Jo

Hands up who hates sale shopping? The crowds, the hassle, the terribly displayed rails and piles of clothes? Yup, me too. But online sales shopping, that’s a totally different ballgame. The opportunity to grab a bargain without the hassle? Yes please.

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Clothes for days when you actually want to stay in pyjamas by Jo

I hope you all had a wonderful and colourful Christmas. As you read this I have probably reappeared from the pile of wrapping paper taller than my head, finally found batteries ...

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Party makeup in your best colours - by Jo

We all know that some rules are there to be broken, right? But sometimes it’s nice to have the rules in place for those times when you’re feeling a little less than confident, and make up is one area where a lot of us feel nervous...

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Flawless Festive Style, whatever your palette - by Jo

Are you a dresser upper or a dresser downer? A Boxing day walker or a firmly glued to the TVer? Is your New Year’s Eve all sparkles...

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How we choose our models - by Melissa

One of the key aspects of my role at Kettlewell, and one which I really enjoy, is choosing models – after all, they are the first people you see when you click on our website

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Cosy Knits for a Cosy Christmas - by Jo

I have a bit of a thing about loungewear. I love the idea of it - curled up on the sofa with the Sunday papers, sporting luxurious merino leggings and 

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A Winter's Tale by Melissa

I often find that it’s not until someone has had their colours analysed by a trained consultant that they properly ‘get’ what wearing the right shades can do for them.

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Perfect Party Wear

I always make a big point of mentioning on any capsule wardrobe or outfit post that the strength in Kettlewell’s clothing...

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Addicted to black; why colour analysis still works if you can't ditch it

When it comes to anti-colour analysis arguments, I must hear 'the majority of my wardrobe is black and I am not interested in ditching it' more than any other reason for not getting an analysis.

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Red is the new black

It's right about now, as the first of the festive invitations start to fall through the letterbox - or, rather, pop into my inbox -

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We can't avoid it any longer. Let's talk about velvet.

You know sometimes all the fashion magazines declare something to be the latest must have, and then five minutes later it's disappeared without trace?

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What's in the name?

Over the years I’ve often been asked where the name Kettlewell comes from. Well, the answer is...

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How to wear navy

Navy blue really is one of the ultimate classics. Timeless, elegant and more flattering than black, it also works with a huge range of colours – there’s a reason that a version of it appears in all four of the seasonal colour palettes...

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Welcome to Melissa's blog posts

Welcome to my new blog – a chance not only to share with you what goes on behind the scenes at Kettlewell (whether it’s shooting new collection in South Africa or model casting in London)

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This is officially the most versatile skirt ever

I've always been a huge fan of Kettlewell's ruched skirt, but it's just got even better; now available in two lengths and even more colours, this flatters-every-body-shape skirt is without a doubt the most useful item of clothing you will buy this winter. 

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Ever tried to travel hand luggage only in cold weather?

Well let be the first to tell you, it’s a challenge.

I am currently trying to plan and pack for a weekend away in Edinburgh which will require me to (a) not die of hypothermia, (b)...

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Crossover colours 101

If you've shopped at Kettlewell before, you'll probably have noticed that many (maybe even the majority) of the colours available are coded for more than one season.

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Change the colour, change the style

Have you got a Kettlewell top that you love and that you know works well for you, but you’re reluctant to take the plunge of ordering it in a variety of colours in case they aren’t quite as good as the original?

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From 3 degrees to (almost 30); the challenges of an autumn capsule wardrobe

I tend to rotate my wardrobe through the seasons, so I am always hyper aware of the challenges of transition season (spring and autumn) wardrobes. 

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Does your season change as you age?

How does your season change as you age? Do you become a different season when your hair goes grey? How about when your skin gets more translucent? 

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Styling the new season

The new season is officially HERE (and if you wish to leave now and go shop without reading another word, I'll forgive you, and even give you a link).

Assuming you're still here, I've got some tips and tricks for styling my favourite new season pieces to help you look and feel amazing in your colours...

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Think Pink

Pink has been a Big Thing for the past few seasons, and this one is no exception, with two gorgeous dusky pinks - one neutral, one cool - making it into the Pantone colour trend report. However, if soft pinks don't float your boat, panic not. Pinks are going not one but three ways this winter - soft, deep, and bright - and I promise that at least one of them will work on you, whatever your season.

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Maximise your minimalism

Minimalism isn't a word you hear often in the world of colour analysis. We consultants love to get our clients embracing colour, and minimalist neutral style can often fall by the wayside. However, some people (and I hold my own hand up here) just aren't big wearers of All The Colour. We might go monochrome bright (a la this post), add a splash of colour to a plain outfit or we might stick entirely to neutrals, but actually...

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New season sneak peek

Yes, it's that time again, already. Where did summer go? Never mind, I've got something to brighten those shorter days as we head into autumn. The new season is going to be landing at Kettlewell very shortly, and I've got a sneak peek of my absolutely favourites to share with you.

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Pantone Autumn/Winter Colour Trends

I used to think the Pantone colour trend reports were a bit of fun, some light colour-based entertainment a couple of times a year that had no particular impact on my life. However, since following the Pantone colour reports I've really begun to notice the way they reflect what's available in the shops, both in terms of clothes and interiors. 

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Three AW16 trends you will actually want to wear

Finding wearable looks in among new season trends can be a total nightmare - runway pictures seem to feature such extreme looks that finding something that you might actually be able to put on in the morning and not be laughed at can seem an impossible task.

However, there are a few themes in those extraordinary runway shows which translate into clothes in shops that you might be able to...

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Colour harmony - whatever your lifestyle

I often get two friends come together for a colour analysis. Client 1 is hugely enthusiastic and ready to apply her soon-to-be-newfound knowledge to every aspect of her lifestyle. Clients 2, however, has been dragged along by number 1 and usually opens with, "this isn't really for me, because I just spend my weeks in a suit and my weekends in leisurewear, so really there's no need."

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the new monochrome

Monochrome. The word conjures up images of stark black and white outfits or maybe shades of grey. But monochrome simply means...

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Four destinations, four essential outfits

Ah, summer, how we love you (and any time you want to get on with that heat wave, we'd be fine with that, by the way). And summer means, for many of us, holidays, and the almost inevitable packing crisis.

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A Week's Worth of Sale Steals

Do you ever wish you could just get a whole wardrobe worth of new clothes in the sale without really having to think too much about it?

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Shop the sales like an expert

Sales time is well and truly upon us, and with it the limitless opportunity to buy inappropriate clothes that can languish unworn with tags in your wardrobe for years to come, bought solely because they were a bargain...

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Winter: explaining the different types

And we've reached the final week! We've spent the past three weeks exploring the different types of Springs, Summers and Autumns, and this week we finish up with Winter.

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Autumn: explaining the different types

This is the third of four blog posts, exploring the different 'types' of each season. When discussing each season I will try to use the most commonly understood terms of each type...

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Summer: explaining the different types

This is the second of four blog posts, exploring the different 'types' of each season. When discussing each season I will try to use the most commonly understood terms of each type,....

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Spring: explaining the different types

This is the first of four blog posts, exploring the different ‘types’ of each season. When discussing each season I will try to use the most commonly understood terms of each type

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Jet set colours

When I'm going through a client's palette with them at the end of a personal colour analysis, they will often comment, "oh, I love that colour, but I could only wear it with a tan," 

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Adding colour, a beginner's guide

Picture the scene; you've finally been brave and had a personal colour analysis, you're standing with wallet in hand, you're staring at a wardrobe stuffed full of grey, navy, black and white and you're vaguely wondering where on earth you go from here.... Sound familiar? 

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Hand luggage packing

Don't you hate it when you lay out your beautiful outfits for a rare weekend away, perhaps to an interesting city with a dinner out thrown in, and they take up about four times the amount of hand luggage-sized packing space you have available?

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Style it for summer: the breton stripe

The striped top truly is a perennial classic. Timeless, elegant, and possible to style in an almost infinite number of ways, the breton comes back year after year for good reason.

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How to wear white

Knowing your best white - whether it's a soft white, cream, oyster or optic bright white - is a powerful weapon...

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The four handbags you need in your life, and how to choose them

Even the best bag in the world can’t carry you from work, to weekend away, to glamorous evening out and back again. 

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How to start from scratch

Have you ever just wanted to throw out all of your clothes and start again? And then panicked that you wouldn’t have a clue how to start again?

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where sportswear meets colour analysis

It's all been a bit athletic over here at Kettlewell blog HQ recently. I've been enjoying a daily morning yoga session for a while now, 

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Turquoise for Spring (and Summer, and Autumn, and Winter)

The sun has finally put in an appearance, the lawn has been mown for the first time in six months...

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Red lipstick 101

Wearing red lipstick is one of those 'check it off the list' items for being a grown up, isn't it? So many...

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Which season are you?

If you haven’t had your colours done, a lot of the talk of Springs, Summers, cool tones, high contrast, choosing your best neutral and all the rest of it might be a little double dutch to you. 

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13 into 31: your spring wardrobe, sorted

We do love a good capsule wardrobe at Kettlewell, and since the season is a-changing, 

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Inject some bright into your life for spring

A lot of time and energy on this blog is devoted to the sensible colours; 

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Wardrobe mastery; four key looks for spring

OK, so the weather isn't exactly onside, but believe it or not, spring is coming. 

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Going grey: absolutely everything you need to know

If you happen to be human and in possession of hair, chances are that at some stage you'll have to deal with the conundrum of it going grey. 

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New season sneak peek: want to see what's coming?

I am so excited to show you some of my favourites from the new season collection! I know I say that every year, but the thing is, it's true every year. 

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Demystifying universal colours

If you've shopped on Kettlewell's site before, you may have noticed that we show some colours as working for every season. 

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Style icons for grown ups

Do you ever flick through a magazine or scroll through Pinterest looking for style inspiration 

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But I always wear neutrals so I don't need a colour analysis...

As a stylist, I quite often find myself chatting to people about what I do - it's one of those jobs that sounds slightly glamorous (it can be)...

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Red carpet ready or colour clashing disaster?

Awards season is in full swing again, with the amazing dresses of the stars attending each event making the red carpet flow with colour like a rainbow river.

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Your january heroes

If you're not still feeling the after effects of the indulgences of the festive season, then you are definitely a better, and far more restrained, person than I.

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Introducing the Pantone colour(s) of the year 2016

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, time for new beginnings, a time to look forward to the year ahead. And since what we mainly think about here at Kettlewell is colour...

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Your New Year style resolutions

It’s that time again, when we all sit down and think up a totally unsustainable and unmanageable list of aims for the coming year ...

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Luxurious loungewear or glittering glamour: what's your festive style?

Some things are pretty much a given for those of us that celebrate Christmas.

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The LWD: your festive season essential (sorry LBD!)

This Christmas it is all about the wrap dress. With a subtle nod to the 70s trend (Diane Von Furstenburg's original and iconic wrap dresses remain a 70s design classic, albeit it one out of budget for most of us)...

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Christmas gift guide

Yes, it's that time again. The endless hours of shopping, the rising stress levels, the mad panic when you realise you haven't found the perfect present for your nearest and dearest....

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Party season confidence boosters

Do you view the onset of the the Christmas party season with a good dose of excitement – mince pies, mulled wine, an excuse to dress up!

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Deck the halls

We often discuss interiors at Kettlewell, and how much they are influenced by our personal favourite colour palettes.

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'Tis the season to wear red, but which one?

Yes, it's that time of year when red lipstick, work Christmas parties and Santa inspired outfits (no? Just me then) loom large.

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New jeans, new look

Remember when the biggest denim decision you had to make was bootcut or straight legged? And since all straight leg jeans were ...

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Effortless style: in full swing

Don't you love a little mid-season surprise? Just when you think there's not going to be anything new in the shops before ...

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Breeze through autumn with our essential footwear round up

It's definitely autumn now, isn't it? No more attempts at Indian summers, and a mild day is now one that only requires a coat, rather than a coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

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A brief history of colour analysis

Whether colour analysis is a 'real thing' is a debate often thrown my way by people who think it's a waste of time, money and energy. Obviously I believe it's a real thing ....

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A(nother) ten minute masterclass on colour combining

Oh, it's so lovely when you all like a blog post. And you loved last week's one on combining colours, if all the emails and comments were anything to go by. Since we had several comments...

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A ten minute masterclass on colour combining

I am genuinely excited about the little bit of news I have to share with you today. You see, I've chatted a lot with Kettlewell ....

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From workwear to work-wow

I often talk about workwear here, and wax lyrical at the benefits of a capsule workwear wardrobe, the importance of getting your basics sorted...

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Casual-chic, not casual-scruffy

I think casual outfits can be one of the hardest things to style, whether it's a lunch with friends, a trip to the shops or just day to day errands; you want to look good....

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Crisp autumn day or warm Indian summer?

I've done a few posts recently on the new season and its implications for your wardrobe, but I thought I'd take a moment to talk about irritating weather.

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The great winter coat hunt

Yes, I know it’s barely autumn (not that the weather seems to be aware of this. It has been feeling decided autumnal for about a month now)....

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How to plan your autumn wardrobe

Wardrobe planning. It all sounds a bit grown up and fashionista, doesn’t it? The kind of thing that you only do if your clothing budget is enormous ...

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The new business suit

After a recent plea for help from a reader, I’m going to spend this week looking at formal suits for each season.

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new season sneak peek: my favourites

The new season of Kettlewell clothes is nearly upon us, and I am beside myself with excitement to show you lots of new ways for styling the new clothes ...

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Pick your perfect purple

The 70s trend is still firmly alive and kicking this autumn, and purple is going to be one of the luxe colours we see on the rise this autumn, mixed in ...

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The ultimate holiday packing guide

Do you ever wish you could have one of those perfect holiday wardrobes? The kind where a simple change of shoes or a top ...

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A whistle stop tour of key AW15 trends

I know it’s only August, but given the huge influx of autumn/winter clothes onto the high street at the moment, I thought...

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a summer working wardrobe that works as hard as you do

I’ve focused on casual wardrobes recently – summer seems to lend itself so well to casual wear – but I have had requests ...

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In the jeans

Before I trained in colour analysis I imagined that my most commonly asked question from clients would be a variation on the theme of, “you won’t make me stop wearing black will you?”

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Alexa wears Kettlewell

If you bought the Telegraph this weekend, you may have spotted one of our silky roll necks adorning Alexa Chung…

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buy it for summer, wear it year round

Sometimes buying summer clothes seems a ridiculous waste of time – buying an entire wardrobe...

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bikini buying guide (for people who 'can't' wear bikinis)

I know that there will be readers among you who will be disregarding this post almost as soon as you see it, having decided ...

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Survive summer, the definitive essentials list

Did summer totally take anyone else by surprise this year? I swear it was about eight degrees and rainy...

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Mood enhancers

As well as choosing colour to match your face, have you ever thought of choosing a colour to match (or change!) your mood?

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School run style

The school run. It’s a dilemma, isn’t it? You might be sharing your school run with parents in pyjamas, parents in power suits or, far trickier...

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