Dresses & Skirts

Your new wardrobe favourites, whatever the occasion

Short Ponte Skirt

Short Ponte Skirt £59.00

Kelly Green Kelly Green (sp, au)
True Teal True Teal (sp, su, au, wi)
Periwinkle Periwinkle (sp, su, wi)
Dove Grey Dove Grey (sp, su, wi)
Neon Pink Neon Pink (wi)
Very Berry Very Berry (su)
Velvet Skirt

Velvet Skirt £79.00

Magenta Magenta (su, wi)
Bright Copper Bright Copper (sp, au)
Island Green Island Green (sp)
Kingfisher Kingfisher (su, au)
Royal Blue Royal Blue (sp, wi)
Blueberry Blueberry (su, wi)
Naomi Dress

Naomi Dress £99.00

Tropical Teal Tropical Teal (sp, su, au, wi)
Periwinkle Periwinkle (sp, su, wi)
Italian Plum Italian Plum (su, wi)
Rich Chocolate Rich Chocolate (sp, au)
Cowl Neck Dress

Cowl Neck Dress £89.00

Sea Green & Blue Spruce Sea Green & Blue Spruce (su, au)
Bright Navy & Turquoise Bright Navy & Turquoise (sp, wi)
Dark Amethyst & Black Dark Amethyst & Black (wi)
Mahogany & Chilli Mahogany & Chilli (au)
Ophelia Wrap Dress

Ophelia Wrap Dress £119.00

Forest Fruit Forest Fruit (su, wi)
Olive Jungle Olive Jungle (au)
Spring Green Spring Green (sp)
Waterfall Blue Waterfall Blue (sp, wi)
Jersey Maxi Skirt

Jersey Maxi Skirt £69.00

Stone Stone (sp, su, au, wi)
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus (su, au)
Mole Mole (su, au, wi)
Rich Chocolate Rich Chocolate (sp, au)
Raspberry Raspberry (su, wi)
Damson Damson (su, wi)
Pansy Pansy (sp, su, au, wi)
Bluebell Bluebell (sp, su)
Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue (sp, wi)
Bright Navy Bright Navy (sp, su, wi)
Emerald Emerald (wi)
Marine Navy Marine Navy (su, au)
Dark Olive Dark Olive (au)
Dark Navy Dark Navy (wi)
Black Black (wi)
Athena Skirt

Athena Skirt £69.00

Black Forest Black Forest (wi)
Blueberry Crush Blueberry Crush (su)
Orange Blossom Orange Blossom (au)
Papaya Bud Papaya Bud (sp)
Safari Dress

Safari Dress £95.00

Hyacinth Zebra Hyacinth Zebra (sp, su)
Cassis Zebra Cassis Zebra (su, au, wi)
Emerald Zebra Emerald Zebra (wi)
Tan Zebra Tan Zebra (sp, au)
Gillie Ponte Skirt

Gillie Ponte Skirt £59.00

Stone Stone (sp, su, au, wi)
Rose Brown Rose Brown (su, au)
Dark Olive Dark Olive (au)
Navy Navy (su, wi)
Cosmos Purple Cosmos Purple (su, wi)
Bluejay Bluejay (sp, su)

From elegant wrap dresses and beach dresses to A-line, pencil and maxi skirts, we have a dress and skirt shape for every occasion.

Choose a silhouette-enhancing style in your favourite shade or opt for floral, animal print or daring geometric. The perfect way to add a touch of ‘wow’ to your wardrobe.