Our Story

Kettlewell was founded in 2004 by Melissa and John Nicholson after Melissa had a colour analysis in the depths of winter and was told she would struggle to buy clothes in her season until spring. Realising that she couldn't be alone in her frustration at not being able to buy her best colours year round, the couple left London and moved to the West Country with their two small children (now three much larger children) and Kettlewell Colours was founded in an old converted pig shed.

Having found factories that aligned with their ethical considerations, they started producing signature basics in a rainbow of colours. Thankfully, Melissa's instinct that women wanted year round colour proved true and they started introducing a wider range of jersey basics, scarves and knitwear. Seven years ago they moved to a warehouse site in Crewkerne, Somerset.

Although the company has gone from strength to strength, little has changed in its ethos. High-quality clothes in more than 150 colours and almost 100 styles has been the backbone of Kettlewell since its inception, underpinned by top-class customer service and a determination to spread the word about the power of colour analysis.

Kettlewell is about two things: colour and simplicity. "We want to be able to provide clothes in a range of inspiring colours in a way that is easy to access and understand for all our customers, whether or not they have had a personal colour analysis," says Melissa. "We provide wardrobe building blocks in a huge range of colours and shapes, and want our clothes to be an essential part of every woman's wardrobe."