When the colour stylists visited Kettlewell HQ


It goes without saying that the run-up to the holidays is always a crazy, colourful, fun-filled time of year at Kettlewell; how could it be otherwise when you’re working in a candy store of 300 colours (in fact, if you’d like to find out just how colourful the team has been lately, head over to our Instagram feed to watch as the team embraces 12 days of Christmas Colour…. all I can say is that we’ve pulled out all the festive stops this year and, just like opening the doors on an advent calendar, each day promises a little colour surprise as we begin counting down to the big day). 

A sneak peek of our 12 days of Christmas Colour on Instagram

Between bringing you all our colourful Christmas gift ideas and inspiration for festive dressing, we’ve been busy welcoming some VICPs to Kettlewell HQ (that’s Very Important Colour People), starting with a visit from the brilliant team from the London College of Style, who came to film a Live with us on ‘How to Shop Colour’ for students on their Colour for Creatives training course. As you know, I’m never one to pass up on a great colour opportunity, so while we had four enthusiastic Springs together in one room – Jules Standish (Head of Colour at LCS)Wendy Elsmore (Director), LCS colour expert Tracy Hooper and me – we thought we’d give tips for our Facebook page on how Springs wear colour in winter (answer: by layering colour pops, and wearing your best colours near your face with a Cashmere Gauze Stole, for example). 


Melissa and Jo with Tracy (left) and Jules from the London College of Style

It was such a fun, high-energy, informative day with Jules, Wendy and Tracy and great to be able to show the students via Zoom how to shop Kettlewell using our online resources, from Shop the Look and Shop by Colour to filter by season and tonal direction. It’s always so exciting to receive great feedback and to hear about the new generation of colour stylists swelling the ranks to make the world a more colourful place.


It was this same passion for colour and desire to help women look their best that brought our second group of visitors down to Somerset: a fabulous bunch of stylists (House of Colour, Colour Me Beautiful and independents), who have played no small part over the years in making Kettlewell what it is today: Diana BlakemanLindsay WestEllen PetersMargaret HarrisJan BeveridgeLisa WhitesideNicola DavisJulie HarveyLara Lauder, Sian DaviesSophia CarterJane Lewis and Cristina Holm. From Bristol to Berkhamsted, many had driven miles to be with us – some had even endured being stuck in traffic for five long hours on the motorway to reach us! – so it was just lovely to see those familiar faces again and to thank them for all their help and support spreading the Kettlewell word.


Clockwise from left: sneak peeks with Melissa, Jo and the design team; John with Cristina Holm; Melissa taking design inspo from Margaret Harris’s jacket; tour of the office; deep in colour discussion; Sian Davies and Sophia Carter; Lindsay West, Diana Blakeman and Ellen Peters; Sian Davies captures a moment; Lara Lauder with Lisa Whiteside

A much-needed coffee was the start of a day that took in a tour of the offices and warehouse – the colourful beating heart of operations here at Kettlewell HQ and what everyone loves to see when they visit! – lots of colourful chat over lunch, demonstrations and a sneak peek led by our in-house colour expert Jo and head designer Sarah at our SS23 collection and some early stage designs for AW23. By the time everyone was ready to leave mid-afternoon – and not before we’d managed to corall everyone for a very colourful group shot – I can honestly say the whole team was all on a colour high from it all. But then colour seems to have that effect on people. It’s the reason I love it!


One, two, three… colour pop!!

Janet Woodford on Dec 04, 2022 1:49 PM

A brilliant piece. I just wish major fashion retailers would embrace the colour analysis. I know it might be competition for Kettlewell but that never hurts. I have been a fan and customer of yours for many years and am so thankful I discovered you. As a Spring you make shopping much easier as in the winter it is much harder to purchase.

Julia Charnock on Dec 04, 2022 10:40 AM

Brilliant post, lovely to see my own stylist - Lindsay West - having such fun with the Kettlewell crew. This always strikes me as such a genuinely happy brand, and it's always a pleasure to buy from you. Thank you for bringing the joy of colour!

Lynn Nadjarian on Dec 02, 2022 11:32 PM

What a fabulous photo full of joy and colour. Looks like a wonderful day of inspiration and fun.💚💙💜

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