Our new home

As you may or may not have gathered, there have been some big changes afoot at Kettlewell recently. Quietly, behind the scenes, the team has been busy packing up boxes of clothes (hundreds and hundreds of them, in fact – a whole warehouse’s worth of stock), as well as all our day-to-day admin, in preparation for our big move to brand-new Kettlewell HQ.

It has been seven years since we first moved into our old warehouse in Crewkerne, Somerset, and just like any growing family, we had simply got too big for it (something we’d never thought we’d hear ourselves say when we first moved in to the huge empty warehouse space – it felt cavernous at the time). It’s no mean feat moving an entire business lock, stock and barrel but it’s only now that we’re in that we can properly appreciate the difference the move has made – and the view out of the office window alone makes it worth the upheaval. On a cloudless day, you can even see the sea.


Needless to say, we have a lot more space – 12,000 sq ft to be precise, which is what we need to be able to accommodate all the new styles, colours and sizes that you have been asking of us. For example, having looked at our analysis of sizes being sold, we realised there was a demand for a size smaller than our size S, so from next month we will be introducing size XS in selected styles and colours. Our sizing will now run as follows: size XS (6-8), size S (10), size M (12), size L (14), size LL (16-18). There is no change to the fit of size S but having listened to our customers we understand that the size S was a little generous for our size 8 customers.


The increased storage space in our new HQ also means that we are able to bring you a greater colour choice for the different seasonal palettes, as well as more exciting styles to keep you looking and feeling your best. It’s a far cry from the early days when John and I first moved down from London with three small children and launched out of tiny space that started off life as a pig shed. In those days it was just the two of us in the office (with Tom in a cot) and we’d rope in friends and family to model the clothes and even involve the children in how the cover looked (they loved having their say in the design as young as five). This year our brochure will go out to 2 million customers and our styles are regularly featured in the fashion press (speaking of which, did you catch Fearne Cotton in our silky roll-neck in The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine?). It’s times like these that I appreciate how far we’ve come as a brand and am genuinely excited as we move on to the next phase. Thank you for joining us on the journey.


Sarah on Aug 27, 2023 9:05 PM

Creating a true petite range would really make you stand out as a brand. Many clothes brands that do have petite ranges only have the most neutral and dull items from their main collection in their petite line and shopping as a petite often means very little choice. The average British shopper is 5ft3….

Cat on May 22, 2022 8:23 PM

One thing to consider: anyone who wants to shorten something can do it... but for those of us who are taller and full busted, we cannot add additional fabric.

Cat on May 22, 2022 8:21 PM

Amen to creating larger sizes. I was about to place an order but I do not think your LL will fit. : (

Sue on Sep 19, 2021 10:25 AM

Phew! Some pleading to cater for tall ladies, others saying remember the small, what a nightmare to create a collection. Personally I am just 5ft with very short legs and arms, and a size 10, I am just grateful if anything fits! I can't wear the weekend skirts or your trousers but the knee length skirts, if plain, and not frilly are fine. Three quarter sleeves work too, don't like anything clinging as i have a bust! Quality always great, but I do like neutrals and I think every wardrobe needs a plain black skirt and trousers regardless of season.

Emma Wiltshire on Sep 18, 2021 2:14 PM

There are defo more bigger people now adays so let's have atleast the next size up and maybe up again. Ur clothes are not very generous and are clinging materials so options to go a little bit looser would help.I no many People arnt getting there colours done as it's very hard to find colour and you don't go bigger that 16/18 . New styles this autumn I've bought size up which I genuinely only buy a Large, Tops can come very short in the body too,and arm length, most women have a little extra in the Tum department so please let's have some decent length. U have the monopoly so please let's see some decent changes .

L taylor on Sep 07, 2021 11:25 AM

Among all these taller ladies, May I put in a plea for the petite? I am 5.0 and 7stone and fine you small sizes large enough for two of me. I love the colours but can only buy size less scarves. The tee scoop necks show far too much for a small woman.

Trisha Perry on Apr 11, 2021 11:35 AM

Lovely range but could you make come tops shorter and your cropped jackets in a larger size please?

Kandy Newton on Jun 26, 2020 1:01 PM

I love your clothes, but echoing what others are saying, please give us longer trouser lengths. I'm 6ft with a 34" inside leg & look with envy on all those with gorgeous Kettlewell trousers. Also please please don't shorten the sleeve or body lengths, I have big boobs too, so need that extra length to accommodate them. Many thanks for all your hard work 😘

Barbara Miller on Feb 22, 2020 2:11 PM

I am in my eighties and more than ready to create a little excitement in my wardrobe. I have only recently discovered the Kettlewell world of colour.

Pam on Feb 22, 2020 9:20 AM

Congratulations on your move. I love many of your range. Could you consider offering a shorter length on tops? I have to shorten each top I purchase from you by 2 inches.

Jill jenkins on Oct 13, 2019 7:20 AM

So pleased you are doing xs next month. I received your catalogue some short time ago, do hope I receive next one. Jill jenkins, 7 Harkness Drive Canterbury kent CT2 7RW

Thank you

Bex on Jul 26, 2019 4:15 AM

I really love your clothes but now that I live in New Zealand it's much harder to get hold of them! Any plans to delivery down under? :-)

Kettlewell Colours: We do deliver to New Zealand already:

Rest of the world destinations: £25.00

You can find further information here


eileen on Jun 08, 2019 10:50 AM

I love Kettelwell! I am a generous size 16 but LL are too small for me.

NICOLA on Mar 09, 2019 2:15 PM

Can I say how much I love your clothes. I would like to echo previous comments though and ask for an XL and longer lengths in skirts and tops. I am a size 18 and 6ft and find some of the LL a little short or snug. How about sending out a survey to customers (5% discount on completion?) asking for our thoughts on what you could add?

Helen on Feb 17, 2019 9:28 AM

Can I please ask for XL sizes, it would allow some of us to enjoy the lovely colours/styles also. Thank you.

Maxine on Mar 26, 2018 2:39 PM

I would like to add another plea for the taller woman. I would love to wear your trousers but I need at least a 34" inside leg (with flat shoes). Love the range of colours & long may you continue to provide them.

Hilary on Mar 17, 2018 8:53 AM

Congratulations on your move, may you continue to thrive! I love the quality and service you offer. I would like to add to the requests for longer length trousers and tops please.. at 5’8 and inside leg of at least 33”, size 14-16, it’s very challenging finding trousers and tops long enough.

Kathryn Jordan on Mar 13, 2018 9:39 AM

Congratulations on the move. Can I add my plea as another 6' mature lady for some longer lengths both in tops and trousers. I love your colours and get many compliments on them

Teresa Ahmet on Mar 04, 2018 3:45 PM

Congratulations and may you go from strength to strength. Kettlewell is unique in its offering of colour and style. May I make a plea for the shorter woman for example the Weekend Skirt in a 30” length and also shorter length tops please. Very best wishes.

JUDITH on Mar 03, 2018 2:59 PM

Congratulations and every sucesss. Clothing to suit and fit tall ladies 5ft 10ins + please. I would love to wear all your beautful colour combinations. NB There`s a huge market for 34" & 36" inside leg trousers. I`m 35 " so cannot wear any Kettlewell trousers. Good luck & thanks

Lisa on Mar 03, 2018 8:27 AM

I love your clothes - they have given me the confidence to wear more colour than I have done for years. I’d echo the pleas of other tall ladies though - trousers in a 34” leg would be brilliant.

Anne on Mar 02, 2018 10:46 AM

Please bring back your XL sizes.

Katharine on Feb 28, 2018 10:56 AM

I love your things but I'm a size 16 and cannot wear your tops, they are just too tight.

Deb on Feb 27, 2018 5:26 PM

Congratulations! Please, please also remember us taller ladies, there are plenty of us! 34" length trousers and longer length skirts would be so welcome. I love your clothes, keep up the good work!

Nancy on Feb 26, 2018 12:41 PM

Congratulations Kettlewell! Way to go on your continued growth and success; everything looks super organized and ready to go for big sales! :) Since we have no shops here in the USA specific to color seasons; I'm happy to see your continued success so I have somewhere to buy from! :)

Catherine Holland on Feb 26, 2018 8:42 AM

Congratulations, so pleased to see you are doing well!

Nicola Davis on Feb 25, 2018 5:21 PM

Congratulations on your move and continuing success. I am delighted that you are introducing an XS as, although I sell lots of your clothes to my clients, up until now I have been unable to wear them myself.

Tricia Peck on Feb 25, 2018 12:35 PM

I would love to buy your jersey trousers ( and others) I like to match my tops and bottoms in colour! To make me look taller. ( very petite, But your trousers are mega long.Other firms l buy from do 31/28/ and some even 27”. Petite lengths with matching tops would be great.

Diane on Feb 25, 2018 12:34 PM

I also wish that you catered for the petite lady. Long sleeves just don't work with me but 3/4 are fine. I'm looking forward to your new catalogue and all the beautiful colours.

Jac on Feb 24, 2018 10:10 PM

Congratulations to all of you. May I echo Susan's comments about bigger sizes, I have been asking for XL for years. When I first came across Kettlewell you sold XL sizes. LL is wearable under a wrap but is a trifle snug!

Rachael Graham on Feb 24, 2018 9:31 PM

So pleased to hear you are going to do an extra small size in some styles; really looking forward to seeing them. Love the colours but have nearly always had to send clothes back as they were too baggy!

Norma on Feb 24, 2018 6:07 PM

So happy you are going to be stocking the size XS. I am a fairly standard size 8 and love the look of your colourful clothes but have been put off ordering due to size S being too big so this is great news!

Shirley kirby on Feb 24, 2018 5:57 PM

I couldnt agree more with Susan feb.21st. Sizes are all on the small size. I have never worn more than 16 and with your i think i should have 18...

Shirley kirby on Feb 24, 2018 5:56 PM

I couldnt agree more with Susan feb.21st. Sizes are all on the small size. I have never worn any more than 16 and with

yours i think it should be 18...but -Shouldrrs might be wrong!

I trained as a dressdesigner and sizing alway a problem.

Do you know anybody with clout to take up the cause to stanardize sizing in EUROPE- to begin with. Anybody know Mary Portas?

Jackie on Feb 24, 2018 2:29 PM

Echoing Patricia, please could we have some long-sleeved tops and dresses with a shorter body and sleeve length? I am restricted to 3/4 sleeve styles and there were very few in your AW catalogue.

Judy M on Feb 24, 2018 12:33 PM


It is a pleasure to see a company grow from little acorns! Hope you continue to grow and supply such wonderful colours that you can't get from anywhere else.

Maddie on Feb 24, 2018 12:03 PM

Good luck 🍀 looking forward to the new catalogue.

Voyager on Feb 24, 2018 10:55 AM

I know you concentrate on mostly vivid colours but I would love to see some of your tops in blacks or dark olives as background to prints or even as solids.

Lyn Somerville on Feb 24, 2018 9:46 AM

What an exciting time for Kettlewell. Best wishes for an adventurous and colourful 2018.

I love ,love,love Kettlewell and the personal service you provided me when I needed advice on some styles. I am 5ft 1ins tall and will appreciate the option of ordering a size 8 with some styles. It would also be good if you were able to provide a petite range especially with jackets. I like following the Kettlewell family and their comments on various styles so keep up the good work. Best wishes, Lyn.

Tracey on Feb 24, 2018 9:38 AM

Your new place looks amazing!

Please can you also make bigger sizes, I'm 6' tall & wear a size 18 & sometimes a 20. A lot of your wonderful collection is unwearable for me, please help???

Jenny Young on Feb 24, 2018 8:26 AM

Brilliant news! Congratulations! Love your colours- I always feel cheerful when I'm wearing your fabulous spring colours.

Anne Fenech on Feb 24, 2018 8:13 AM

Some of us have grown with the company from the start so for those up us expanding out of the menopause what about increasing your size range upwards as well as downwards.

elodie on Feb 23, 2018 4:19 PM

your site is awesome where are you based please ? do you have a shop on the site where customers can come and try out on the spot I will be coming from Paris France Thank you for getting back to me please i am really interested , how could we be one of your ambassadors ? just asking

Barbara on Feb 23, 2018 9:17 AM

I clearly remember when I first discovered Kettlewell way back. You were featured in a piece in Woman and Home magazine about interesting new businesses. I sent for my first catalogue and haven't looked back. Congratulations to you all.

Jane Hill on Feb 22, 2018 9:06 PM

Congratulations on your achievement. I still remember when you very kindly arranged to send me an order in New Zealand even before you had opened up your international ordering system. Great customer service and a fabulous range of colours. You are the staple of my wardrobe and I look forward to each new season.

Pat on Feb 22, 2018 3:52 PM

You must be so excited! I am planning a visit next fall, hope to pop in and purchase a few things.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Stephanie on Feb 22, 2018 12:08 PM

Can I make a plea for longer length trousers? I would normally buy 34" inside leg, 33" at a push. I know others have asked the same, just hope we can carry the same influence as the xs ladies!

Debbie Scott on Feb 22, 2018 10:57 AM

I adore your brand and purchase regularly. Like others, I also wish you would consider petite or shorter lengths.

Patricia Tabbernor on Feb 22, 2018 7:57 AM

I love all of your colours and bought quite a few pieces last year, can’t wait for the new catalogue! I only have one little gripe and that is I wish you catered for the petite lady! As it does restrict what I can purchase. I wish you all my very best wishes going forward in your new premises, which looks amazing! Kindest Regards Patricia

Lisa Fisher on Feb 21, 2018 9:07 PM



Mark Walker on Feb 21, 2018 4:50 PM

Congratulations on the move, can't wait to pop down for a cuppa and get a tour round. Fabulous to see Kettlewell growing and growing.

Susan on Feb 21, 2018 4:15 PM

Good luck in the new HQ.

Considering that the average British woman is now a size 16 and getting fatter, are you looking into expanding the size range upwards as well as downwards? I would imagine there's considerable demand for sizes 20 and 22, if not even bigger.

Linda Tulloch on Feb 21, 2018 2:27 PM

So delighted for all of you. Kettlewell and The House of Colour have been hugely influential in my life and shopping habits.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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