Garment care
Our favourites, as used by the Kettlewell team



It’s important to invest in the right hangers for the job to avoid stretching your clothes out of shape. These non-slip hangers keep Kettlewell T-shirts and knitwear in perfect shape, while taking up very little room in a wardrobe.



We use the colour care detergent, Ariel Colours, to keep colours sharp, even on lighter colours like Soft White and Pink Ice. Meanwhile, a tablespoon of Napisan is brilliant for bringing the brightness back to your whites.



Fabric shavers are a great way of removing pills, fuzz and lint and generally keeping your clothes looking as good as new. We recommend a Phillips fabric shaver to keep your garments bobble-free.



Few things are more annoying than discovering your favourite jumper has been ruined by moths. We recommend Total Wardrobe Care for its comprehensive range of anti-moth products, from cedar balls and moth boxes to a chrysanthemum moth spray.



Storage bags are great for keeping your drawers and cupboards neat and uncluttered and store away your knitwear. These knitwear and cashmere bags are invaluable as they have a zip that completely tucks in, so the moths can’t get in.



Steamers are a fast and efficient way to get the creases out of your clothes – you’ll wonder how you lived without one. We use a large industrial ProPress for reprocessing our garments in the warehouse and a smaller hand-held version for making clothes look pristine for styling.

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