When Melissa met stylist, Rebecca Young


Working with colour has a habit of throwing up happy coincidences – and that’s exactly what happened last week when an email pinged into my inbox from the lovely Becky Young from the Colour Club. It had occurred to me that with Jo away on her summer holidays I’d be on my own for the next Facebook Live and, lo and behold, at that exact moment there was Becky offering to come down from Henley with her husband Phil and join me. There’s a reason why serendipity’s my favourite word!


Rebecca says 'I've always been 'taken' by the beautiful and less than ordinary, of course! Portuguese and Spanish horses, and the art of 'high school' training and riding horses...I spent a year in a Circus in Berlin performing this art of riding and then went on with my horse in the pics (Don Diego a Spanish stallion) to represent Great Britain in the very first GB team in a competition called 'Working Equitation', the first ever team of women to compete.'

If you watched our Live together you’ll have heard how I first met Becky, a stylist with House of Colour at that time and a keen eventer and horsewoman, at a shopping event in Gerrard’s Cross back in 2006. John and I had travelled up to Buckinghamshire, leaving our three young children at home with my parents, and having ploughed all our life savings into a business that was struggling to get off the ground, were feeling slightly terrified by the uncertainty of it all. Brilliant Becky saved the day by bringing all her clients over to our stand to shop with us – and she’s been there for us ever since. The first to drop me a line if things haven’t gone quite gone to plan, always flying the flag for Kettlewell, unwaveringly loyal. It’s such a good feeling to know someone has your back and Becky has been that person every step of the way.


Which is why it was so lovely to catch up with her and Phil over dinner the night before our Live, the conversation flowing the minute we sat down. Talk as it inevitably does turned to one of our favourite topics: clothing personalities. Becky has a theory that while we’re mainly a blend of basically two styling personalities, most people actually have what she calls a hidden third. “I know exactly what you’ve got – you’ve got a touch of Classic” said Becky, when I asked her to guess my hidden third. And while I was a bit shocked at first – I think I’ve been in denial about any classic in me as I shy from any type of formality – Becky’s explanation that it was the result of my traditional upbringing made total sense. According to Becky it translates into the way I always want the real thing, never a fake – something that my mum used to smile about when I was little. I’d rather have less and have the best.


Becky shows us how to dress-up in colour

And while I have that little dash of Classic, Becky is OTT (her words!) all the way – a style she describes as Exotic Gypsy or Highwayman. If you caught our Live together, you’ll have seen how she makes her incredible wardrobe of feathers, sparkles, ruffles and glitz and glamour works with our ‘anchor piece’ basics, creating the foundations to elevate her exotic style.

I’ve never known a more positive, upbeat person, despite living with MS, and rather than showing any sign of self-pity she’s always there for other people in the Colour Club – commenting, encouraging, never a bad word to say about anyone. No wonder everyone adores her: she’s a little pot of colourful treasure.


Rebecca at a recent Colour Club meet up 

A gift landed on my desk this morning – a beautifully wrapped box of pastel-coloured Biscuiteers macaroons, with a message from Becky. “Thank you Melissa and the team for such a colourful time at Kettlewell HQ.” I think the pleasure was entirely ours.


Melissa happened to have some Hetta Tops on her desk in colours to match the macaroons!


Becky is a Vibrant Autumn, Romantic Natural style

Phil is a Blue Autumn, Classic Gamine style

Becky and Phil's current favourite Kettlewell styles

(Becky said she was needing more yellow in her wardrobe!)

If you missed the Facebook Live with Becky and Melissa, you can catch up here or watch on Youtube here

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AK Minnick on Feb 02, 2024 8:25 PM

Becky is amazing. Every time she posts or contributes a video, I pay attention. Our styles may be different, but there’s always something to learn from her. 😻

Sue Thieme on Aug 22, 2023 1:11 PM

I always enjoy seeing her and her clothes choices make me smile.

Una Barry on Aug 13, 2023 3:54 PM

Rebecca is a great lady!

Rebecca Saffer on Aug 13, 2023 6:53 AM

Thank you for this wonderful interview with the incredible, glorious Becky Young. How fascinating to learn about her background as a horsewoman. Becky is so generous and helpful in her vast knowledge of all areas of color and style

Eileen on Aug 12, 2023 9:46 PM

It was such a treat to see my friend Becky on the FB live! Her many years of color and style expertise are such an asset! I loved seeing selections from her wardrobe.

Sherry Enger-Gottschalk on Aug 11, 2023 4:10 PM

It was a wonderful live session. Becky was such a delight. I actually picked up a few insights about my style preferences and how to go about tweaking some of my wardrobe to fit my style. Her bubbly personality and infectious smile are gifts to us all in the Kettlewell Colour Club

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