What is Colour Analysis?

First making its impact in the 70s/80s, Colour Analysis has evolved into something truly magical: a system that analyses unique characteristics such as skin tone, eye colour and hair colour to determine a palette of ‘best’ colours that complement your unique features, leaving you looking radiant and glowing!

Palettes are divided into 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, with each palette containing colours of particular tones and hues. For instance, the Spring palette is warm, clear and light - which means that every colour within it has a yellow undertone to it and virtually no dark colours…

Here at Kettlewell we offer a unique and insightful Colour Analysis service at our contemporary Somerset Colour Studio. If you're outside of the UK but would still like to book a visit - Click here!


What Are the Benefits of Colour Analysis?

Uncover your confidence:

We truly believe in the power of colour, sometimes you just have to see it to believe it! The right colours make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and will leave you feeling unstoppable!

Intentional shopping:

Colour analysis makes shopping with intention a breeze; knowing your seasonal palette gives you the tools to walk into any shop knowing exactly what you're looking for & what will suit you, so you won’t be wasting time or money on pieces that won’t leave you feeling a million dollars!

Look good = feel good:

Dark and dull wardrobes become a thing of the past; once you know exactly which shades work for you, wearing colour no longer seems scary or overwhelming. Even neutral shades will feel refreshed and exciting – and we all know if you look good, you feel even better! 

More than just your clothes…

Seasonal Colour Analysis isn’t just confined to your wardrobe; once you know your best colours you can translate this into other areas of your look. Whether that’s finding the perfect shade of lipstick, the right tone of jewellery or even making your interior a little more you…   


Colour Analysis the Kettlewell Way: How Does it Work?

Using our meticulously crafted, bespoke colour drapes our expert stylists will reveal your palette and unique set of best colours through the Kettlewell Colour System: a seasonal analysis created and refined using our 20 years of colour expertise. And unlike anywhere else, you can shop tops and tees in the exact colours and fabric you were draped with for a truly perfect match! 

After your analysis you will be guided on your next steps, ready to curate your brand new life in colour and will have the opportunity to shop over 300+ colours readily available in our Colour Studio.

Meet the Colour Experts


❄️Sancha: Starting out as our Warehouse Manager and now Colour Studio Manager, Sancha has been with Kettlewell for 8 years - she has really been on a colourful journey with us! In true Winter nature, her attention to detail, decisiveness and colourful expertise means she is committed to helping our customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

🌱Heather: Our Spring social butterfly has a knack for making you feel comfortable as soon as you cross the threshold! Helping you to really understand your colours and ensuring you're equipped to welcome them into your wardrobe.


🌸Jane: The Summer of the team! As well as her colour expertise, Jane has a meticulous eye for style and will always know the ‘perfect piece for that!’ A Natural-Ingenue style personality herself, she is the queen of neat and elegant ensembles with a feminine flair.

❄️Tash: Last but certainly not least, our Sprinter-Winter Tash embodies the warm, bubbliness of a Spring and the precise nature of a Winter. Tash has a wonderful way of encouraging our customers to experiment with styles and colours within their palette, allowing them to fall in love with a whole new look that they may never have imagined. 


The Colour Studio:

Based in Somerset, our Studio is the hub of all things colour! A unique shopping experience, home to over 300+ bespoke, seasonally-coded colours ready to shop all year round.

Complete with our expert stylists who are on hand to guide you through every step of your colour and style journey and will support you to find not only your very best colours, but the perfect pieces of clothing to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe that will boost your mood, uncover your confidence and make you feel truly amazing! 

For more information on our Colour Studio or to book your personal Colour Analysis session, click here!