How do I order from Kettlewell?

You can order online or by calling our 24 hour sales line on 800-593-8323. For customer services please email us at [email protected]

Do you offer a gift wrap service?
No, we do not currently offer a gift wrap service.

Do you have any retail outlets?
No, we are a mail-order company only.

Are your clothes ethically produced?
We work closely with family-run factories in Turkey and Portugal and take great efforts to ensure the fabrics we use are of the highest quality, and produced using sustainable practices. You can read more about our ethics here.

Why doesn’t Kettlewell offer more discounts?
As a small, family-run business, we don't tend to offer discounts very often. If we were to make discount codes more publicly available we would have to build this into our pricing structure, which would have a knock-on effect on our prices during non-discount periods.

How are the US prices calculated?

While we try to aim for parity in pricing across all our markets, there are significant variations in costs between the UK and USA. These include not only shipping, duties and returns between the UK and US, but also the significantly higher printing and postage costs for our US catalogues, call centre costs and transaction fees, alongside the need to allow for exchange rate uncertainty, all of which needs to be factored into our pricing. For that reason, our US prices are slightly higher compared to our UK prices.

It is always a difficult balance to strike, and with the variations in exchange rate sometimes works slightly in our favour, sometimes in the customer's, depending on the markets at the time of purchase, but we always aim for this to balance out in the long term, and we review our international pricing each season in order to support this.

Why do you not make petite and plus-size clothing?
At present our most-shopped styles at Kettlewell are Medium and Large, and we have only limited space in our warehouse to accommodate our extensive colour choice in our existing XS-LL size range. However, we are looking at ways in which we can accommodate the demand in future.     


Can my order be delivered to a different address? (Not my home/billing address)
Yes, please inform us at the time of placing your order or complete the Alternative Delivery Address section online when you place your order.

What if I am out when my goods are delivered?

USPS or the selected courier company that we use will leave a “while you were out” note through your letter box. You will then be able to contact them to arrange collection or re-delivery of your parcel.


Can I return a Christmas present?
Yes, we extend our returns policy to ensure that any unwanted gifts can be returned or exchanged after Christmas. We ask that any gifts are returned to us by 29 January in their original packaging and unworn for either a refund or exchange.

If I purchase an item as a gift can the recipient return it?
Yes, but our normal Returns Policy would still apply. If, for some reason, you/they would like to return something outside the returns period, please contact our Customer Care Team at [email protected] and we will suggest the alternatives available to you. You may return an unwanted gift to us for an exchange. In the case of a request for a refund, this would made to the purchaser’s original method of purchase. We would require details of the original purchaser to process an exchange or refund.

If at any point you experience any issues with or have any questions about your return, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]


How can I check if an item is in stock?
Select the colour and size you would like to order on the product page. If either size or colour is unavailable, a cross will show. If the item is available for pre-ordering, a message showing the expected delivery date will show above the ‘add to basket’ button. Alternatively, contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected]

Can I back order a sold-out item?
Only if we are expecting further supplies.

Why can you not guarantee an item is in stock if it is showing there are 1-2 in stock?
Although we do regular stock-takes and the level should be accurate, there is occasionally a small discrepancy. Human errors are sadly unavoidable in this area. We feel that it is important to warn customers about this at this stage rather than a few of them being disappointed later on.

How long will stock stay in my shopping basket?
The stock that you add to your shopping basket will be reserved for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes your basket will expire and the items will be made available for other people to buy.

Why is a product in the catalogue if it is sold out?
We have a team of staff dedicated to trying to predict sales and how much we should order of a particular product but sometimes we do get caught out if an item proves more popular than expected. In addition, as everything is made exclusively for us, it can take some time to get a repeat delivery.