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discover your body shape


Knowing your body shape is crucial to understanding which clothes will work on you. While your lifestyle and personality all influence your own unique sense of style, the fact is that what you need to put the clothes on is your physical body, so the shape of that body is rather a linchpin of personal style.

We are working with body shape expert and image stylist Cristina Holm from My Shape Stylist to help you dress for your body shape. You can read all about her in this blog post about her visit to Kettlewell HQ.

To find out your body shape, head over to the measuring guide on Cristina's website and by entering 4 simple measurements, her algorithm will calculate your body shape and then direct you back here to discover all about dressing for your shape, which Kettlewell styles will suit you and show you some styling suggestions.

To see the pages for each body shape, use the links below: