the pear figure


All about you

You have narrow and slim shoulders and broader hips, with a defined waist. Just because you have a curvy bottom doesn’t mean you’re a pear.

Wear clothing that avoids finishing across your hips. Wear lighter and brighter colours with structure on your top half to create balance.

Do wear

  • Cowl, boat, scoop, V and curved necklines
  • Fitted tops & jackets with interesting collars and waist definition
  • A small puff or gathered shoulder line on the top half
  • Patterns on your top half
  • Simple soft A-line skirts, that glide over your hips
  • Trousers with flat front and no side pockets in wide leg, straight leg or small boot cut


  • Loose fitted tops and jackets
  • Details around your hips
  • Skinny or slim leg trousers

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