the lean column figure


All about you

Your have slim shoulders which are in line with your hips, with little waist definition.

Wear clothing which creates curves around your shoulders and hips plus wear details that define your waist.

Do wear

  • Crew, high, low V & U, semi scoop & soft square necklines
  • Tops with waist definition, like ruched, gathered & crossover
  • Tops & dresses with shoulder details, like cap, gathered & small puffs sleeves, but make sure you add pleats or pockets at your hips to keep the balance and waist definition
  • Tapered, slim and straight leg trousers, if you wear culottes or flared styles, make sure you add details to your shoulder line


  • Boxy tops & jackets

For a fuller description of the Lean Column, read this blog post.

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