Styling this season's prints - for Summers


Summer's soft, blending, cool toned palette lends itself so well to prints. They bring watercolour-inspired texture and tone to your outfits, highlighting your natural soft and elegantly cool skintone. Whether you choose to pair your prints with the brighter tones from your palette or add neutrals to keep it effortless, prints will add so much to your cold weather outfits. Let's take a look at some of this season's prints and how to turn them into outfits to wow.

Style notes

The power of a print accessory should never be forgotten, and can elevate an otherwise neutral outfit. I love how the pops of blue don't feel too high contrast but add so much polish to this grey toned outfit. I am particularly obsessed with this seasons print (and metallic!) belts, and the interest that they can bring to a look.

Style notes

I am completely in love with how this print works for Summers - the soft tones of Light Laguna, Heliotrope and Duck Egg all swim together to create a gorgeous smokey hue which will enhance your cool, soft colouring. The Vintage Collar, which keeps things cosy, and Lace Camisole both pick out colour from the prints to keep the look harmonious. 

Style notes

I love how this dress does all the talking, but you can make it feel even more luxurious and stylish with the addition of a Dorset Blue Lambswool Coatigan - although bright, it tones so neatly with the blue in the Leopard Lucy Dress that it won't feel over the top. If you want to add colour without the layers, opt for a Cashmere Gauze Stole or Faux Fur Collar.

One last thing

Because we have so many prints this season (hurrah!), it's simply impossible for me to show you every styling option for every print for each season, so I've shown a selection of three here, with another three options in your 'partner' soft and tonal palette, Autumn. So if you want even more colour inspiration, which just needs a little translation to work for your cool, soft seasonal palette, head over to the Autumn blog post for more styling tips and ideas.

If you would like to see the pages for the other seasons, use the links below: