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Styling this season's prints - for every palette


Prints can feel like a really safe way to introduce some of the colours from your seasonal palette which might be new to you, or feel a little bright and bold. A splash in a print feels so much easier than a top to toe outfit! But finding prints that sit 100% within your colour palette can be challenging, which is why we carefully check each and every print at every stage of the design process to ensure that it's going to work for your palette. And this season we've got more prints than ever before.

The arrival of the gorgeous check Millie skirt seemed the ideal opportunity to show you how to style all of our new prints for your seasonal palette. Should you go for contrast, or a more tonal feel? Pick a colour from the print or go wild and clashing? Neutrals or brights with prints? The answers to all of these questions and more lie in the season specific blog posts linked below. I've also focused on styling these prints for cosy autumn/winter looks, so you don't end up looking amazing but shivering!

Side note: if you don't yet know your seasonal palette, why not pour yourself the hot beverage of your choice, start with our colour quiz, then head back over here to really digest and enjoy the styling tips for your colour palette.