Holiday packing for Winters


Yasmin wears the Riviera Multi Stripe V

The Winter palette might feel a little deep and heavy for holidays, but as soon as you begin to tap into the tropical opportunities offered by Hot Pink, Chinese Blue, and Acid Yellow, it all starts to feel a lot more summery! Remember, adding contrast doesn't need to always be about adding a dark and a light neutral - you can colour block or use White to bring crisp contrast into your outfits.

Here's my holiday packing selection for Winters, but read on for how to personalise your holiday packing, to ensure that holiday wardrobe crises are a thing of the past!

psst... And if this wardrobe feels perfect for your palette, but not your personal style, click through to the other seasonal palettes, as I've done something slightly different for each.


1 Cosmos Purple Mimi Top | 2 Electric Fiesta Print Culottes | 3 Fuchsia Soft Square Vest | 4 Pink Raspberry Rachel Jacket | 5 White Sleeveless V | 6 Aquarius Hannah Dress | 7 Electric Lime Cara V | 8 Ice Lavender Cashmere Gauze Stole | 9 Electric Fiesta Print Cowl Neck | 10 Silver Ice Cotton Weekend Skirt | 11 Snow White Aimy Trousers | 12 Aubergine Supersoft Jacket

Top tips for Winter holiday packing:

  1. Pick your 'neutral'. This doesn't need to be a true neutral (for your palette these true neutrals are colours like Navy, Indigo, and Charcoal), but needs to be a flexible shade that will mix and match with a variety of brights. If you're travelling somewhere hot you might find White more helpful than a dark neutral, or perhaps a classic casual shade like Silver or even True Red for a nautical summer look.
  2. Ensure you have a few key pieces - bottom, top, cover up - in your chosen neutral. I've opted for Indigo and White as my key neutrals for this wardrobe.
  3. Pick some favourite colourful pieces to go with your neutral. Start by limiting yourself to three or four colours for this step - it's easier to add a few extra brights later than to pare things back once you realise your wardrobe has gone full on fluorescent! Remember to honour your personal style here. For instance, if you have a very classic, Minimalist style, you might prefer to pop another neutral or two in here rather than all brights, but for the more Movie Star Style I've honoured here, I've gone for bolder, more exciting shades.
  4. Make sure you add a print or two! There's nothing like days on end of block colours to make you realise how much versatility a print adds to your wardrobe. Make sure it pairs happily with your chosen neutral.
  5. Split your time into themes. For example, travel, sightseeing, beach, meals out. Ensure you have an outfit for each theme, using crossover pieces wherever possible. For instance, the Mimi Top might take you from laid back sightseeing with shorts and trainers to evening out with a Weekend Skirt and your favourite jewellery. Top tip: ensure you have suitable footwear for each theme too - a pair of flat comfortable shoes and a pair of prettier sandals will get you through most warm weather eventualities if you're tight for space.
  6. Think about temperature extremes and ensure you have adequate clothing - a cover up for chilly evenings and air conditioning, a lightweight skirt or shorts for the warmest days.
  7. Add accessories. This is the easiest place to add maximum interest to your outfits with minimum packing space sacrifice. A well placed Cashmere Gauze Stole can finish off a simple evening outfit, provide a modest cover up, and keep you cosy on an air conditioned flight. Jewellery in your best metal (most Winters are best in only white metals like silver and platinum) will finish off even the simplest outfit.
  8. Don't forget underwear! Ensure you have the right undies to feel your best in your brights - think smooth lines, well fitting, and above all comfortable.
  9. If you have any extra space, now is your chance to add in some fun extra colours! Those which didn't make the cut for your initial four or so colours can now be added in - just make sure they play nicely with your chosen neutral or they're going to come back home pristine and unworn. Remember that as a Winter you'll find pieces that can add contrast most useful, perhaps adding a completely new colour in, or opt for another light shade like Acid Yellow to bring a more summery vibe.
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