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SIZE: Medium COLOUR: Chocolate Leopard

5ft4”, short waisted pear, 10/12 tops, 14/16 bottoms. THESE FIT AND FLATTER. They curve slightly from the waist so flow over the hips and are the right width to hang smoothly all around the upper thigh. The waistband is unobtrusive. One of the Facebook posts warned that hers shrunk an inch and a half in the wash, so I will wash mine before getting them shortened. Taller customers will love these, shorter ladies will probably need to shorten them unless you intend to always wear them with heels.

- Hilary (18/10/2020)


SIZE: Medium COLOUR: Teal Leopard

I bought the second pair of trousers in teal suitable for Autumn, and again they are fantastic. They are long enough again so I am delighted and certainly not disappointed. As in previous years, occasionally bought a pair of trousers to be fine, then bought a second pair in the same size, and shorter and just didn't fit. These are very slightly shorter - but no more than half an inch, otherwise they'd be no good on me - and haven't had time to measure them as I tried them on and then kept them on for the day.

- Una (09/10/2020)


SIZE: Medium COLOUR: Chocolate Leopard

Fantastic trousers if only because I took a chance and they have come up 32ins inside leg instead of 30.5 ins, so for someone like me 5ft 8ins tall, at last! They are perfect. Material is fantastic. They hang beautifully and an outstanding colour combination. Bold enough but still tasteful. Wondering now if I should get thd other Autumn colour but fear I might be disappointed because they could quite easily end up being too short like the Lauren ones - different colours, same sizes, being different lengths.

- Una (04/10/2020)