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I almost returned this as I typically wear necklaces brighter and shinier. But then remembered what my HoC stylist mentioned - that I could wear both silver and gold but when wearing white metals to always pair with yellow gold. And as a Blue Spring I really needed a cooler metal to wear with my cooler blue spring colors.. I like that this necklace is both silver and gold - when i wear my cooler blue spring colors, it really ties the look together. And as far as style goes, i look best in a higher neckline and this necklace allows me to wear all the pretty scoop neck tops which do not look that great on me... until I put on this necklace. Since deciding to keep, I have reached for it multiple times already. It is a quality piece. I also like that it is handmade by a small local (local to KW) company.

- melissa (02/08/2021)