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COLOUR: Soft Lime & Gold

I am a Spring and purchased the soft lime and gold version and am pleased with my purchase. The bracelet is delicate and the beads are small, but it is very pretty on and I tend to wear small sized jewelry anyway, so it suits my style. It is perhaps a little pricey, but I am happy with the quality.

- Twt (08/10/2019)


First I should say that I own a dozen pieces of jewelry from Kettlewell and love them all. So I was really surprised at the low quality of these. The first disappointment was how small the beads were and how fragile they looked. My first thought upon opening the first box was, “Wow! Fifty bucks for this?” First opened the “soft teal” ( more like light aqua) and I immediately noticed the wire used to string the beads was sticking up out of place. So skipping to the light neon yellow, I began to try it on and the clasp broke off onto the floor. I didn’t even bother trying the red coral one and instead shipped all three back this afternoon.

- Jan (18/09/2019)