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SIZE: Gem Green & Gold

I absolutely adore these earrings. They are delicate, light and very beautiful. I smile every time I put them on. What really sold me on finally making the purchase was listening to Charolette share the story of when they were made, the thought and inspiration behind the designs and the love in which each pair is made.. by hand.. by her! :) I am one of those people who really seeks out and values a connection with what I purchase. It has to resonate. - "Who was it made by, where was it made, how was it made, where did the materials come from.." It is why I shop at Kettlewell, after all. These truly are special earrings which are incredibly beautiful. I bought them to wear for special occasions only but they are so comfortable I can see myself wearing them every day. I am a Blue Spring and they go with all my Blue Spring colors.

- Melissa (20/04/2022)


SIZE: Yellow Opal & Gold

Opal is my birthstone so I knew I was going to order these. Very beautiful earrings. Delicate and still lightweight. Very eye catching and I have received tons of compliments on them.

- Sally (16/10/2021)