our factories


We choose our suppliers with care. It is very important to us that we work only with small, family run factories that share our environmental values and provide a good working environment supporting workers’ safety, wages and working hours.

FM Textiles, our factory in northern Portugal which specialises in jersey, knitted and woven items, recycles and treats all waste from every stage of the production process, generates its energy needs via solar power, and strives to ensure that all employees work in a safe and collegiate working environment. Similarly, MEBA Textiles, our factory in Turkey, takes its environmental obligations very seriously, including the disposal and recycling of waste, and treats its employees with dignity and respect. We have built up strong working relationships with the staff in both our factories over the years (many of whom we now consider friends) and visit regularly to make that our standards are being met. 

Melissa standing outside our textile's factory in Portugal

Melissa visiting our jersey manufacturer in Portugal.

Melissa standing infront of factory's sustainability awards

This shows the varied certifications & standards this manufacturing site is certified to.

Melissa inside our textiles factory in Portugal

Visiting a circular knitting factory.