When style and season clash - for Autumns

As an Autumn, you'll have noticed that putting together outdoors inspired natural feeling outfits comes easily to you. Likewise, Gucci chic shades of camel and cream for summer glamour. On the other hand, going for something a little more edgy can present challenges, as does going for something with a good dose of fun and humour.

However, with the right information it is possible to make any style you choose work with any palette; it's simply hat some looks take a little more thought and effort.

So let's take a look at how those alternative looks might work for an Autumn...

If you want to style your Autumn colours in a slightly more high impact way, the trick is to layer up dark colours or neutrals (embrace your inner goth, but resist the black!), perhaps adding a pop of neon colour to add contrast.

Add some fun to your palette by going for high contrast between the brightest colours in your palette and minimising the neutrals – keep them just for accessorising rather than basing your outfit around them.

Remember, whatever look you want to achieve, it can be done with your personal palette if you’re prepared to experiment a little – you don’t need to compromise making your skin glow and your eyes brighten to get the style you want. Try out some new colour combinations or go for a neutral in your season that you don’t normally wear.

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