Green for Winters

As a Winter you need a very particular range of greens. Obviously green is made up of two primary colours, one warm (yellow) and one cool (blue) and the balance is crucial for getting your perfect green. Too yellow and the colour becomes an Autumn or Spring shade, too much blue and it seems to soften into a Summer colour.

Your greens fall into three distinct categories - emerald, pine and neon. Let's take a look at how to identify each one, and put it together in an outfit.

Emerald green is the 'obvious' Winter green - it patently doesn't belong to any other season, being hugely vibrant, bold and deep. It has a blue undertone, but not too much, and its key feature is the strength of the colour. A true Winter emerald pairs well with black (softer greens will look washed out next to black) and with cobalt blue, but also works well in a more 'natural' winter look, with greys or stone. Emerald can come in a fairly light bright emerald turquoise shade, all the way through to a deep jewel tone.

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Pine green is Winter's deep green. With a very definite blue cast, exactly like (you guessed it) a pine tree. If this colour gets at all softened it falls into being a summer colour, but the right dark pine can be a great deep intense alternative to black for Winters. It works well paired with dark grey or burgundy, but also looks fabulous in contrast with your ice colours and bright white.

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Neon green can be tricky for Winters, but the right shade can work brilliantly. Make sure you wear it in vibrant contrast with cobalt blue, black or bright white. You want your neon shades to be decidedly acid, rather than warmly bright - the 'yellow' part of the green needs to be sharp and stark, not soft and sunny.

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