for the planet


carbon footprint


The size of our carbon footprint matters greatly to us, and we are always looking at ways to reduce it. We made the decision very early on to manufacture Kettlewell clothes in Europe, as no air freight is required to transport our collections to our warehouse. We also use the Royal Mail as our main distribution provider, as it deploys electric vehicles across the UK and has introduced an environmentally friendly ‘feet on the street’ initiative. 



At Kettlewell, we are always looking at ways to manage our environmental impact. Our turquoise postage bags are made of 80% recycled material (LDPE 4 plastic) and are fully recyclable at many supermarkets and recycling centres (you can also return them to us and we’ll be happy to recycle them for you). In addition, our catalogues are suitable for kerbside paper recycling.

Boxes containing new stock from the factories are reused in our warehouse and any surplus boxes are either collected by a local carrier company for reuse, or used to send out large customer orders. In addition, we have installed new compressing machines in our warehouse that crush all our cardboard, paper and plastic bags on site and turn them into compacted bales, which are then collected monthly for recycling.

You can find your nearest plastic recycling centre below

Clever ways to repurpose your bag before recycling


We'd love to hear your ingenious ideas for repurposing our mailer bags.
Email them to us at [email protected] and we'll share our favourites.

renewable dyes


Colour choice is important to us, but so is the planet. We don’t want harmful dyes and chemicals contaminating our waterways and damaging marine life and the natural environment. That is why the dyes we use to develop our colours have been certified by Oeko-Tex, the world leader for testing harmful substances.