the Kettlewell Colour Club

Imagine being able to connect with colour lovers from all over the world, and seek colour and styling advice whenever you need it. That’s the power of the Kettlewell Colour Club – our thriving online community of more than 12,000 members, who come together to chat, inspire and support each other as they post photos of their Kettlewell purchases. As well as a chance to meet new colour-loving friends, members can tune into weekly Facebook Lives and Style Spots with Jo, our in-house colour expert (often joined by our founder, Melissa), take part in monthly colour challenges and competitions, and see exactly what our styles and colours look like on the people who really matter – our customers.

Styling advice from our in-house colour expert, Jo in our weekly Facebook Lives

Connect with members from all over the world


Make new friends in the UK...


...and further afield


Join in the fun of our colour challenges


Take part in competitions (our latest prize winners came to Kettlewell HQ for a photo shoot).



So why not join us? We'd love to meet you!


oxfordshire 2.jpg

Colour Club meet up in Buckinghamshire