What is a back order?

If an item is not yet in stock, but we are anticipating further supplies, we can put you onto back order. This means that when your chosen item comes into stock, we will send it on to you.

When will I pay for my back order?

You will be charged when the goods are dispatched.

Can I go to back order for a sold-out item?

Only if we are expecting further supplies. We no longer accept back orders for returned items, as this can sometimes lead to disappointment.

How can I check if an item is in stock?

By using the product size and colour selection grids found on each product page. These can be found on the right hand side of the product page, next to the main image. To use the grids:

. Choose your preferred size and colour swatch.
. A swatch with a tick means the item is in stock
. A swatch with a cross means the item is out of stock in that size and colour
. You will be told if an item is available for back order

If you have any queries and need to speak to someone, please call customer services on 01460 279800
I'm afraid we cannot ensure permanent availability of all items, although we try our best. Some goods sell much better than we predict and lead times in the industry are also irritatingly long. If something is out of stock, we'll always give you the best information we can on anticipated delivery dates.

Why can you not guarantee an item is in stock if it is showing there are 1-2 in stock?

We advise our telephone operators to warn customers there's a chance that an item might not be available if there are fewer than two showing as "in-stock". Although we do regular stock-takes and the level should be accurate, there is occasionally a small discrepancy. Human errors are sadly unavoidable in this area. We feel that it is important to warn customers about this at this stage rather than a few of them being disappointed later on.

How long will stock stay in my shopping basket?

The stock that you add to your shopping basket will be reserved for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes your basket will expire and the items will be made available for other people to buy.

Why is a product in the catalogue if it is sold out?

We know it's disappointing when items are out of stock and we really do try to make sure this doesn't happen. We have a team of staff dedicated to trying to predict sales and how much we should order of a particular product. But sometimes we do get caught out if an item proves more popular than expected. In addition, since everything is made exclusively for us, it can take months to get a repeat delivery. We do sincerely apologise if an item that you want to order is out of stock. We hate this problem as much as you do.

Why don't you order more stock?

The most common cause of bankruptcy among retail companies is holding too much stock. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't order much more stock than we do currently. We try to order a realistic amount, but as mentioned above, certain items shoot out of the warehouse far quicker than anticipated.

Why does it sometimes take so long to get more supplies of an item?

If it looks like an item will run out, we do try and re-order in plenty of time but clothes can still take some time to arrive with us. As well as having to have the garments made, checked, delivered, and checked again, we also often have to have the fabric especially woven and dyed for us, which can take a couple of months.