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The A-Zoom of working from home

Embracing the new normal – that’s a phrase we hear a lot nowadays, and a big part of that is working from home (WFH) for the first time. Deciding on what we pull from our wardrobe each day when we’re not going into the office, as well as knowing how to present ourselves when we join a Zoom meeting, is uncharted territory for lots of people, so to help us navigate it, I’ve asked Style and Colour Consultant and jewellery maker Sandra Ebbetts to give us her advice.


Sandra has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fashion, having worked for high-street and designer brands, from River Island, Monsoon and Katharine Hammett to Laura Ashley, where she was Head of Fashion Buying for Home and Fashion. She’s also a member and regular sharer-of-amazing-outfits in the Colour Club, putting together colourful looks in her vibrant Spring palette. Here are her six tips for helping you look and feel great as you work from home… 

1. Be visible Dress in something stylish and colourful every day that you love and feel great in. As we are all doing more and more online video meetings, it’s so important that we remain visible. If I’m attending an online meeting, I always make sure I make extra effort with my appearance, as you never know who might be in on the call. After all, it only takes three seconds for someone to form an initial impression and at least another six meetings to alter that first impression.


Silky Scoop in Papaya | Silky Roll Neck in Chinese Blue | Silky Crew in Light Emerald

2. Keep colourful Wearing colour is good for your soul, health and wellbeing. I always dress in my best colours. Wearing your best colours next to your face makes you look fresher and brighter, and makes your eyes pop. I do this for me because it lifts my spirits and I can guarantee it will lift yours too. Most days, I wear a Kettlewell Silky Roll Neck or Silky Crew Neck, as I love the feel of the fabric next to my skin. I have them in several fabulous colours – I won’t say how many, but it’s a good few! – and the fit is perfect. I always put on a good pair of trousers or skirt that’s not too tight but stylish and comfortable.

3. Be comfortable Many of us will have piled on a few lockdown pounds so, where possible, choose colour and stylish pieces with some stretch or that have sufficient room for you to be in an online meeting looking and feeling fabulous but also comfortable. If you are uncomfortable you will get restless and fidgety and you won’t look as polished. 

4. Don’t forget to accessorise I always love to accessorise as it completes your look and makes you look finished. It doesn’t matter if your style is minimal and it’s a small-scale necklace, bracelet or earrings, or, if you’re romantic like me, and wear large-scale, sparkly jewellery – we need those finishing touches to complete the look. I design and make necklaces that are super-sparkly and colourful, and add interest to all my outfits.


 Iris Cosy Cotton V | Zebra Print Belt | Pine Silky Roll Neck | Electric Blue Classic Metallic Belt 

5. Add a belt Yes, wearing a belt to separate your top and bottom half and sculpt your figure really does make you look and feel better. A contrast colour is perfect. I have green, pink metallic and blue animal-print belts from Kettlewell and I love them.

6. And finally…Keep warm It’s surprising how cold you can get when you are just sitting still at your desk. Have a colourful scarf on hand that complements your outfit. I love Kettlewell’s Cashmere Gauze Stoles and Ponchos – they are just perfect for keeping you warm, comfortable and stylish.


Rose Taupe Cashmere Gauze Stole | Warm Grey Leopard Eva Scarf | Deep Aqua City Poncho 

Sandra's House of Colour page

To see more of Sandra's jewellery and colourful style see Sandra's Instagram

PS… Talking of working from home, you may remember a while back that we ran a competition to win a weekend stay in the luxury eco treehouse owned by House of Colour consultant, Gilly Montgomery (watch this space for our upcoming blog on how the winners got on). Well, Gilly’s family business TRE3DOM has just launched two bespoke ‘pods’, the Hexagon and the Pentagon, which would make the perfect home office. The Hexagon is inspired by nature’s own honey bee, while the Pentagon is inspired by her plants; what’s more, they don’t require planning permission and can be assembled on-site in under a month. The perfect mix of form and function, and a brilliant option for those looking to keep home and work life separate.

Kimberly Smith on Jul 31, 2021 2:51 AM

Love how you’re blending your fashion experience with color consulting.

Elaine McBane on Feb 05, 2021 6:38 PM

Which one of you are Bright Spring..

Is it possible for you to e-mail me the answer

Kettlewell Colours: Are you a member of our Facebook group, the Kettlewell Colour Club? If you are, and you search for 'Bright Spring' in the search box, you will see quite a few members who are Bright Springs for inspiration.

Elaine McBane on Feb 05, 2021 6:37 PM

I am looking for a blog and person to follow in Bright Spring colours.

Can you help me..

Kettlewell Colours: Are you a member of our Facebook group, the Kettlewell Colour Club? If you are, and you search for 'Bright Spring' in the search box, you will see quite a few members who are Bright Springs for inspiration.