Saluting the Sunshine Hues

Did you spot Kettlewell in The Times this week? T2 had dedicated the front page and a double-page spread to our favourite topic, colour, and specifically how to wear it this summer. Fashion Director Anna Murphy was telling us all to move beyond blacks and neutrals and embrace the season’s sunshine hues, and for those overwhelmed by all the colour choice on the high street right now, Kettlewell was the place to go to find the colours that work best for you. It’s always great to get a mention in the national press and to take part in any conversation about colour, so we were thrilled to be included.

Talking of summer colour choices, we’ve been poring over Pantone charts and mood boards in the studio this week, choosing colours and prints for our Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

With Pure Zen, Living Garden, Drawn Botanicals, Mystical Tribes and Neon Tropics among the predicted style trends for 2018, it was a case of assessing a range of potential prints to identify ones that would best work for our styles and fabrics, as well as, of course, our customers. Then it was down to the serious business of choosing new colours, with each of the four seasons, Spring (me), Summer (Sarah), Autumn (Claire) and Winter (Anna) selecting the shades for their respective palettes from literally thousands in the Pantone charts. It’s rather like a group of people in a restaurant intently viewing the world’s longest menu, imploring the next person to go first before making their own choice.

The key is to leaf through the Pantone charts, colour by colour, and hone in on the shades that you are instinctively drawn to, with an eye on the style it would suit. With 150 shades already in the range, it’s no easy task to find ‘new’ colours. Winter is the hardest season to work with, as the colours have to be spot-on: intense and vibrant or icy and sharp, with no shades in between, but the three others have plenty of variation either side. After hours of intense colour scrutiny, we had whittled it down to our favourites.

Heliotrope, blue jewel, shell pink, dove grey, azure and pink geranium have been our bestselling colours this summer, with the apple butterfly print and red and white Breton stripe among our most popular prints. It’ll be interesting to see which of the shades we’ve just picked out will be topping the charts this time next year.


kate on Jan 07, 2018 3:18 PM

Looking forward to spring 2018 collection - any idea when it will be released, please?

Veronika on Jun 13, 2017 2:50 PM

I think I might need Sleeveless V in purple and true red, as well as a Short Cascade Wrap in true red <3

Dee Combes on Jun 06, 2017 1:46 PM

Hello Kettlewell. Been a customer of yours for years. Think I understand your core customer and your style direction. Yet I wonder if I am in the minority in that I would love to I see a more directional/fashion forward collection? Perhaps a designer collaboration? I'm not talking wild and wacky but something a bit more 'edgy' for those of us who are interested in different shapes/styles. For example, if you would collaborate with a company like Me&EM who have fabulous clothing, mostly in neutrals and drab colours (ok, great for winters) - that would be a match made in heaven. Just a thought....

Kettlewell Colours on Jun 05, 2017 8:32 AM

We are always happy to hear comments and suggestions from our customers- even if it's too late for the season we are working on, there is always the one after!

Ashleigh on Jun 02, 2017 6:08 PM

Hi there - interesting article. Just wondering if you also take into account colours for particular items of clothing suggested by users at this point? Or is that separate?

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