Melissa's Christmas message


Normally, when I sit down to write my end-of-year blog post, I take the opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened over the past year at Kettlewell. It’s not hard to find lots of positive, uplifting experiences to draw on when you work with colour, so I’m always coming at it from a good starting point.

But this year has been a year like no other. If you told me this time last December that I’d be choosing colours for face masks to protect our customers from a worldwide pandemic, I would never have believed you. Nor that we’d be pinning notices to the walls asking staff to sanitise their hands and keep two metres apart. Of course, we’re all used to it now and everyone has been brilliant at adjusting to the ‘new normal’, but a year ago the idea of social distancing couldn’t have been further from everyone’s minds.

As the year draws to an end I’m glad to say that not only have we survived the challenges thrown at us, but we have grown stronger because of them. It’s helped, of course, that we have the best customers a brand could wish for (I’m sure neighbourhoods around the world are now a brighter place because of all your colour love!) and that you have been brilliantly understanding when items have taken a little longer to arrive than usual. And we are grateful to our factories, working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep the orders coming, even when they were facing staff shortages due to the Coronavirus. They have helped us to keep sending out those little parcels of colour joy into the world, which is team work at its best.

With just days to go now before the big day, we have a lot to feel grateful for, and although the celebrations are a little more low-key than we’re used to, we’ve been keen to embrace the Christmas spirit at Kettlewell HQ. Today we held our first ever virtual Christmas party for members of the Facebook Colour Club, who joined us online amid fairy lights and glitter balls (a glass of fizz and mince pies in hand) to share feel-good tips and colour inspiration with our in-house colour expert, Jo. It was also an opportunity for Jo to announce the three winners of our fun 12 Days of Christmas Colour Challenge, starting on December 2nd with wear the best shade of green for ‘partridge in a pear tree’ and ending on December 13th with wear the most glamorous ‘12 lords a leaping’ outfit. It has been brilliant to see everyone putting so much effort and thought into their outfits and a real bit of festive fun.

While Christmas is not going to look the same for any of us this year, we do hope that whatever you’re doing, it is merry and bright (and if you’re wearing Kettlewell, the brighter the better!).

Merry Christmas from all the team,




The team on location in Cape Town for the Summer shoot. Blue skies as standard.


The Beast from the East sweeps the West Country and our Facebook Colour Club is born!


Parcelling up rainbows from the SS20 collection as the UK goes into lockdown. 


John and I raising a glass on our 28th wedding anniversary (our three children cooked up a feast to celebrate).


Strong demand from the US and the support of the Colour Club threw us a lifeline when the Spring book landed. 


Celebrating my birthday with a gorgeous walk and picnic with John in sunny Abbotsbury, Dorset.


Our socially distant AW20 shoot in Kettlewell face masks (in our seasonal palettes, naturally!).


The first of our Colour Club Facebook Lives; taking delivery of our Autumn collection.


While the AW catalogue hits the doormats, the fun business of shooting Christmas begins.


Jo and I talk all things tonal with Colour Me Beautiful consultant, Nicola Davis. Going live with the four digital AW catalogues.


Five thousand Colour Club members and climbing! Our SS21 location house about to be filled with glorious colour… watch this space! 


Our first Colour Club competition - and our members rose to the 12 days of Christmas Challenge brilliantly!

PS Due to stock issues this year, our Winter sale will be smaller than usual and will start in January. 

We'll keep you posted...

Suzannah Kelly on Feb 06, 2021 3:44 AM

Amazing little engine that could!!! Please don't forget about Canada in your write ups...not just the US!!!! We have pulled our weight too!!! xxx

Carol Shea on Dec 23, 2020 12:37 PM

Huge thanks to Melissa, John, Jo, Diane and the whole team. It will have been ax challenging a year to all (if not more) than it has been to us all, but throughout there has been colour, style, support, inspiration, blogs, Friday lives and much more. And then there is the Colour Cub. Great new friendships, more inspiration and support abounding.

I had been an infrequent visitor for a few years having been introduced way back in year 1 or 2 via House of Colour consultant Hilary . But now my bank balance is taking a hit, but my wardrobe being revived. Thank you all, and may 2021 offer fewer challenges to us all - apart from KW ones.

Carol Shea - NE Scotland

Marieke Derrington on Dec 21, 2020 6:55 AM

The Colour Club, the challenges & thinking & planning all things colour have been such a bright beacon during very difficult times. So thank you, Melissa, & all at KW for sprinkling us with a wonderful dose of colour this year!

Jo Taylor on Dec 20, 2020 4:52 PM

Thank you Kettlewell team for being a bright rainbow in a difficult year ❤️

Jo Taylor on Dec 20, 2020 9:03 AM

Thank you Kettlewell team for being a bright rainbow in a difficult year ❤️

Ceri Davies on Dec 19, 2020 9:38 PM

Beautiful colours

Lynn Nadjarian on Dec 19, 2020 9:37 PM

Thank you for brightening up my life this depressing year: far away in the land of Oz (Australia) I have received my rainbow to wear! As a Spring, I am so thriled to have joined the group. All the best for Christmas n better days in 2021.

Kris Aubergine on Dec 19, 2020 4:43 PM

Thank you for inviting me to the Christmas Colour Club party. I have enjoyed the cameraderie of the Club this year and how Kettlewell Colours is involved throughout.

Lovely to see Angela, Michelle, Sian and Cheray pictured here too as winners 😊

Nancy Burns on Dec 19, 2020 4:38 PM

Fabulous uplifblog and pictures to remind us of all the positives of this year. Kettlewell has lifted my spirits and kept me colourful. Kept me a warm too while working from home with your marvellous scarves. Merry Christmas and here's to 2021

Veronika H. on Dec 19, 2020 3:19 PM

I have a request about sale. Would it be possible to keep the items on sale available on the website even after the new season SS21 launches?

During the summer 2020 sale a green tunic caught my attention, but paying the shipping to EU would not have made it such a good deal. The shipping is too expensive to buy one item only. I hoped I would still be able to buy that item when the new season arrived and I would buy it together with my new season items, but when the new season arrived the items on sale were gone from the website. Would it be possible to change that?

With best wishes for you and yours in 2021

Veronika H.

susan fern on Dec 19, 2020 10:31 AM

merry christmas to all the team.

thank you for enhancing my life!

happy new year!

Cynthia Reed on Dec 19, 2020 10:16 AM

Happy Christmas to everyone at Kettlewell and thanks for all your hard work.

Michele Turner on Dec 19, 2020 9:01 AM

Having such wonderful colourful clothing to wear during this year has been a blessing. It is so great to look forward to getting dressed in the morning. Thank you all or helping the year pass by filled with colour. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and hopefully a well earned break xx

Helen Williamson on Dec 19, 2020 8:50 AM

Fabulous blog, company & colour club. Thank you to all at KW. You have been a bright spot in a challenging year. 2 trips abroad being cancelled has financed my KW wardrobe refurbishment& brought me joy along with KW & colour club. As my life shrank with lockdowns it was expanded globally with all my KW friends. My substitute support bubble. Hope you all have a lovely relaxing Xmas. Helen. ❤️🎄

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