Lessons in Colour

I’ve been reminded this week that you’re never too young to find out your best colours. The stylist and blogger Natasha Musson, who runs Style Clinics and is a big advocate for colour, was a guest speaker at Bruton School for Girls as part of their sixth-form lecture programme, sharing style and etiquette advice on dressing for the right social occasion. Practising what she preached in our new Sapphire Silk Shirt, Natasha explained that one of her top ten tips for pulling together a great outfit is knowing which colours suit you. 


Last spring, John and I found ourselves imparting a bit of fashion career advice on our own (and naturally spreading the colour love as we went!) to Years 7-8 pupils at my son Tom’s school, Perrott Hill. Under strict instructions from Tom to “please make it funny and don’t just read from a card” (no pressure, then), John held up a sample dress and went through the costs of manufacturing, from the design and fabric to production and photo shoots, books, mailing, marketing and postage costs. With each cost he snipped a piece of fabric off the dress, until he ended up with just the back neck label as profit. For the children, it was a really effective illustration of exactly what goes into producing a garment from a commercial point of view. 


To also help them better understand what we do at Kettlewell, we invited along our resident blogger and colour consultant Jo, who analysed the head teacher’s colours, much to the delight of the children. Their enthusiasm was palpable and they seemed every bit as keen to find out their seasonal colours as the grown-ups. That’s what I love about colour: it excites and inspires people, whatever their age, and it opens up the best conversations! Jo and other stylists will do colour analyses for children for £50. You can have your colours done however young or old. Click here to find a colour stylist in your area.

For details of Natasha’s upcoming Style Clinics, visit www.natashamusson.co.uk/style-clinic

Catherine Holland-Cunnington on Nov 28, 2018 4:57 PM

What a wonderful thing to do! I'd love to have been a child in that class.So many of us get dressed in the colours others choose for us, and many speakers would be more powerful dressed properly ;-)

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