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What a month March is turning out to be. Not only have we been busy putting the finishing touches to our A/W17 collection, but we’ve been zipping between location recces in Bath, high summer brochure photo shoots in London and filming in Henley-upon-Thames. Added to that, Kettlewell has had the best start to a season ever, for which I must say a huge thank you for all your continued support.

Anyway, there’s nothing like the shift from winter to spring to get everyone talking about colour, and that’s what we were doing last week in Henley with our good friends at Country Wives . For those of you who may not have heard of it, Country Wives is an online magazine, set up by Annabel, Grace and Ellie, three friends from their London days, who have come together to share tips and ideas about everything from food to fashion. We’ve been lucky enough to team up with them once before , but this time we were videoing Grace having a colour refresh with Helen Venables, MD at House of Colour.

It turns out that 25 years after she first had her colours analysed, Grace’s wow colours have shifted in her seasonal palette and she is now a vibrant autumn, which, I have to say, is a perfect match for her personality. Enthusiastic, vivacious and ever open to suggestion, Grace embraced Helen’s wonderful bright colour drapes with an open-mindedness that was refreshing to see, and loved our Acid Lime, Fiesta Orange, Saffron and Mallard tops, which I highlighted in the second of the vlogs, How to (successfully) wear bright colours .

Back at Kettlewell HQ, we’ve been busy doing some filming of our own this month, and the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted a number of short Style Guide video clips dotted around the website, as I talk through a range of styles, including the Striped Boat Neck, Silky Tee, Print Daphne blouse and Butterfly Print Tee. We’ve had some really positive feedback so far, with one customer telling us that the style clips give her a good idea of “whether I'll like it on myself… It makes outfit ideas come alive when you can see them in real life.” Look out for more as they pop up over the next couple of months, as well as some longer ones where I’ll be sharing my favourite pieces for Spring/Summer 17, and do let us know what you think. After all, it’s because of you that we’re here!

Allison on Jul 11, 2021 6:49 PM

Love the videos! Seeing style options is great.

Patricia Wocial on Apr 04, 2017 7:41 PM

I love the Diane swing top in both 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve and have bought similar tops elsewhere whenever I see them, as I'm an Apple! My white ones have all worn out now and I'm desperate to replace them. Wearing white or black with colour is good, as well as wearing tonal and contrasting colours together. I notice you have neither white nor black, have I missed something? Also I note comments about the trouser being a little loose but for me it's not wide legged enough. I like w-I-d-e legged trousers! These are my staples and I always have them in Black, Dk.Navy and white. Come on Kettlewell.

Laura on Mar 31, 2017 1:14 AM

Yes, the videos are a great idea! Melissa, you are lovely, and seeing clothes on a non-model is always helpful, so we get a sense of what clothes look like for the rest of us. I notice that in many of the videos you fill in the pauses in speech with 'um' or 'ah'. I have to do a lot of public speaking as a lecturer and had to train myself to lose those gap-fillers :-) The videos would be more polished without them. I hope I don't hurt your feelings, I have great respect for what you do at Kettlewell and love having the option of colourful clothes, so keep up the good work!

Annabel Simons on Mar 30, 2017 6:05 PM

Every time I click onto the Kettlewell Colours website I smile as the colours are so uplifting. I am a Summer but secretly envy all the 'Springs' out there!

Kathy on Mar 30, 2017 1:23 PM

Can I too cheer for the style clips? I'm fairly new to Kettlewell and still learning about the clothes, and as I live abroad, mistakes are expensive and fiddly to return, so these clips are brilliant at giving an impression of how to wear tha various pieces. I am so looking forward now to some much-needed refreshing of my summer clothes! Thanks for a lot of genuinely inspiring ideas.

Margo on Mar 30, 2017 12:09 PM

Hi I totally agree with the comment about your style clips they are an excellent idea and a great help in seeing the clothes as they really are. I am a big fan of both Kettlewell and Country wives It was thanks to them that I also had a colour refresh Things have definitely moved on for Kettlewell and all the additional information both in the weekly blogs videos and on twitter are great.

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