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Your summer super-neutral

Longline Scoop Neck in Nimbus, Ponte Leggings in Sailor Blue and  a Pom Pom Tassel Necklace in Coral

I'm hugely passionate about you finding the bold and bright colours that work for you, but I'm every bit as passionate about you finding your very best neutral shades. I want you to find the neutrals that make you feel effortlessly put together and look your absolute best, with glowing skin and sparkling eyes.

As the weather warms up, light neutrals are at the core of my wardrobe, and they should be featuring in yours too. And there is one light neutral which works for every single one of us, regardless of skintone. Pair this one super-neutral with your own personal colour palette and I guarantee it will make you look and feel fresh, confident and current this summer. And no, it isn't the white t-shirt (although if you want to find out more about your perfect white tee, pop over and visit the blog post that I wrote on that very subject a few weeks ago). The universal shade which works on everyone is in fact Nimbus, a light, slightly toned cloud grey shade which pairs with colours from every one of the seasonal palettes.

And yes, before you ask, there are such things as colours that work with every seasonal palette. They don't fall bang in the middle of any one palette, rather they fall in that middle ground (both in terms of being warm/cool and bright/soft) at the 'neutral' edge of each of the seasonal palettes. The way to make these universal colours work is to style them with your colours, so they belong to you, rather than looking like they've been stolen from one of the other palettes.

If you already know your own seasonal palette, click on the link below to be taken to a post full of inspiration for wearing Nimbus with your colours. If you don't know your best palette, visit our quiz to learn more about your personal best colours, or read on to find out more about pairing Nimbus with other universally flattering shades.

If you're not sure which seasonal palette is best for you, panic not. Nimbus is a universal shade and can be paired with a huge range of colours, and we've picked some of our favourite and most universally flattering shades to pair it with below.


Faux Wrap 3/4 Sleeve Top in Nimbus, Lace Camisole in True Red


Cara V Neck in Nimbus, Stripe Pleat Skirt in Jewel, Suede Shoulder Bag in Riviera Blue


Weekend Skirt in Nimbus, Milan Knit Crew in Snow White, Tassel Necklace in Lilac Sparkle, Star Wrap Bracelet in Light Grey Sparkle