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Do you ever find yourself browsing the Kettlewell site, thinking 'I'd like that, and that, and that...' but unsure which items to prioritise, and which items will look good together when you actually put them into an outfit? If only there were a way to keep a running wishlist, with the ability to reorganise and prioritise, and to which you could also add items from your own wardrobe or other websites, to ensure you end up only with the perfect items for you?

We've had numerous requests over the years for a 'wishlist' function on the website, but when we spoke to customers we felt that there was more to it than simply a shopping list. Our customers want to be able to get everything they like the look together in one place, then be able to visually put outfits together, rearrange their lists according to need/want/vagaries of the weather, and also add in items they already own in order to see which combinations work before hitting the purchase button.

That’s a complicated tool and plays havoc with our stock system. But, luckily for us, that tool already exists and, better yet, it's 100% free and simple to use! Pinterest is an invaluable moodboard tool which we feel is the best, simplest, and most versatile wishlist creator we've come across.

If you haven't come across it, Pinterest is a website which enables you to create your own moodboards of images from anywhere on the web (or even upload your own). You can search for images within the site, or add images from other websites. We aren't going to attempt to teach you the ins and outs of setting up a Pinterest account and how to pin - a swift google will give you dozens of incredibly in depth tutorials. But what we can do is show you how we love to use Pinterest as a wishlist tool once you're set up.

In order to demonstrate, I've created a hypothetical Kettlewell customer. She's done the quizzes, and she's come out as an Autumn, and her style type is Princess.

So our Autumn starts to browse the site, and others, and begins to identify a few things she likes the look of. She pins each to her 'wishlist' Pinterest board, and before long, she has a wonderful long wishlist of items she wants.


Tragically, our Autumn is not a millionaire, so she needs to carefully consider which purchases to prioritise, and this is where Pinterest's magic really comes in. Using the drag and drop function, our Autumn can move items around, seeing how different styles look next to each other to help her visualise the final outfits. You can see she has created several looks using the same handful of items of clothing, which has helped her identify her priority styles.


Once you have begun to use Pinterest as a wishlist, you can add and remove items as you please (or as you buy them), and you can begin to move onto more ways to use this near-magical moodboard tool. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Create a moodboard for your seasonal palette and/or personal style. Don't just pin Kettlewell clothes - heck, don't just pin clothes! Simply add any image which fits the colour palette or style mood you're trying to create (tip: you can save from around the web, but when you're creating moodboards, Pinterest is a brilliant search engine and resource in it's own right, so just try searching 'deep autumn colours' or 'feminine style' within Pinterest itself first).
  2. Plan your whole wardrobe in Pinterest! No reason to keep it solely for wishlists, right? You can move pins from your wishlist board to your wardrobe planner board as you purchase them, and rearrange pins within your wardrobe planner board to create outfits.
  3. Don't forget that you can upload your own images to Pinterest - this is brilliant once you get to the 'wardrobe curation' stage, because guaranteed you won't be able to find an image of that old faithful 90s skirt that pulls together 30% of your outfits.
  4. Don't be afraid to pin, delete, repin, create sections within boards, create separate boards for exercise clothes, loungewear, hobbies and holidays! Pinterest is almost endlessly flexible and functional, and the more you use it, the more it will feel like second nature.

Why not look at all the Kettlewell Pinterest boards for more inspiration? We have boards for every season and much, much more!

SUSAN KOFFLER SLUIJTER on Jul 15, 2020 4:16 PM

Sorry I cannot fathom how to use pinterest: is there a guide somewhere? It keeps filling boards with stuff I dont like and I need my own control? How do you open aboard youve made and how do you stop it interfering with it? and how do you add photos of what you already own if you do a wardrobe stocktake/planner ? Oh i like the idea but I hate pinterest! Give me a spreadsheet any day!

Sorry but please do help?

Kettlewell Colours: I think this needs a longer reply than I can type here! As a start try this page on the Pinterest website

You see your own boards by clicking on your profile pic at the top right and then choosing 'Boards'. You upload a photo you have taken to a board by opening the board you want it to go on, then clicking the + sign and choosing Create a Pin. You can then add your image. You can search for things you are interested in and repin them to your boards, or as you pin more and more and Pinterest learns what you are interested in, your home feed will improve and you can repin anything you like to your boards. Pinterest will never pin anything to the boards you have set up - it might suggest things but you can ignore them. Hope this helps get you started! You can see how to add a pin button to your browser in the reply to Kellee Heisel's comment . Hope this helps!

Linda M on Jul 11, 2020 4:14 PM

I started doing this about three years ago and it's a great tool to have. Everything I have bought in that time is there, and I use it to make up capsule wardrobes for holidays, etc. It's also really useful for spotting things that just don't "go" with my wardrobe before I actually buy them! I can thoroughly recommend.

Michelle on Jul 11, 2020 9:22 AM

Great idea!

However, I can't seem to find the summer board, only Autumn and Winter. Can I please have a link to the summer board?Also, I love these blogs and the ideas and inspiration they give us (I've learnt so much), but like someone posted on the colour of the month blog (orange), there have only been 4 for summer and winter. Can we have more please?


Kettlewell Colours: This is the link to our Summer moodboard and the Summer Colour combinations are here:

Kellee L Heisel on Jul 10, 2020 10:04 PM

This sounds wonderful but I'm not aware of how to find the "Pin it" icon for each indiviual item. It's not listed on the items that I can see. Am I just not seeing it? Thank you.

Kettlewell Colours: If you use the Chrome browser, you can go to the 3 little dots at the top right of the screen, click it and choose More Tools then Extensions. You will see or you can search for one called the Pinterest Save button. Click on it and add it to your Chrome browser. A little red 'P' symbol appears up at the top right again. Now when you visit a website, and you see an image you like, you can either click the red 'P' symbol and choose the image you would like to save, or as you hover over an image a little red Pin it button appears at the top left of the image and you can save that way. Hope this helps!