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Yellow - for every colour palette

Yellow is such a polarising colour. I would say that 75% of clients have strong feelings about it, either positive or negative. Of course, most of those feelings come from experience either of their perfect yellow (a Spring who has inadvertently hit on their perfect shade of canary), or their worst version (usually a Winter or Summer who has been persuaded into mustard or corn by well meaning friends and family). Whatever their relationship with yellow, as a consultant I get the chance to show every client which shade they can wear for maximum effect.

So what is your best yellow, and how should you wear it? If you know your seasonal colour palette, please click below to visit a post written specifically for you. If you don't know your colour palette, why not take Kettlewell's colour quiz, or read on for how to wear yellow if you don't know your palette.

If you haven't had your colours analysed, yellow can be a tricky shade to risk, as there is so much variation between the warm and cool shades, and it's hard to find such a thing as a 'neutral' yellow, without too much warmth or coolness.

The best solution, if you are lacking in confidence with yellow, is generally to keep it away from immediately under your face (i.e. avoid high neck t-shirts and scarves in yellow). Opt for a lower neck top, with a safer shade scarf or necklace over the top, or a cardigan layered over another colour. In summer, pale yellow cropped trousers can be a cheery alternative to denim or white, and yellow sneakers or sandals can lift an outfit.


Karen McMorrough on Apr 27, 2017 9:31 PM

Please could you do a 100% cotton vest in our neutral colours to wear under our colourful tops. I buy the John Lewis sleeveless vests for £10 but they never do soft white or any of the neutrals for a spring. Bought many of your tops but fabric all hard can it be to produce something so simple to complement your clothing.


Anna Steel on Apr 14, 2017 12:22 PM

As dark / blue autumn the only shades of yellow I can do are saffron or ochre shades.

I was a bit gutted that you so quickly sold out of the 'hot yellow' saffron long line vest last year you paired with the french navy cardi last year. The shape and tone of the vest is perfect, would love it if you did that one again.... (hint)