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Colour Focus - Blossom


Emma wears the Merino Crossover in Blossom, Soft White Lace Camisole and a Rose Brown Ruched Skirt

We know that sometimes you see a colour on the website and fall in love with it, but can't quite figure out how you'd make it work for you. If so, our new Colour Focus is for you. In each Colour Focus post, we're going to take one beautiful but challenging colour and put it in the spotlight. Today, what do I wear with... Blossom?

Pale colours feel right at home in summer time, when the weather is warm and the sun shining. But those same light colours can also create an elegant impact when the temperature drops, forming the cornerstone of an outfit in your wow colours.

Blossom is just one of those elegantly light shades that translates so well to autumn/winter. Knit into our cosy merino knits, it’s a cold-weather colour you don’t want to miss (and, bonus, it will look perfect layered over next summer’s lightweight dresses too!).

Blossom can feel like a somewhat challenging colour – is it a colour or a neutral? How do I pull it into my own palette? – and is one of those crossover shades that seems to vary dramatically in appearance depending on which colours it is paired with. So today I want to show you how pretty this delicate shade can look; fresh and clear when paired with a bright splash of colour from the Spring palette, soft and light in the Summer palette, or somewhere in the middle for an effortlessly minimalist look.


Ziggy Sweater | Ruched Skirt | Classic Metallic Belt | Silver Feather Necklace

Style notes: I love the sleek minimalism of this outfit, which can be cold-weather-ready with the addition of opaques and ankle boots, without sacrificing an iota of style. To make it Spring, rather than Summer without sacrificing the minimalist feel, swap the Pink Clover Metallic Belt for one in Gold.


Millie Check Skirt | Silky Roll Neck | Connie Sweater | Roxy Shirt Jacket

Style notes: The Millie Skirt enhances the contrast that Blossom makes possible within an outfit, especially when paired with contrasting Shocking Pink and Bright Violet, to create an outfit that feels pretty and feminine while embracing Spring's vibrancy. If you want to add tights, try Bright Navy, or nude tights with long tan boots.


Lauren Jersey Trousers | Mia Sweater | Long VestPrint Infinity Scarf

Style notes: Blossom can dress down as easily as it dresses up, with this oh-so-comfy combination of Lauren Jersey Trousers and Mia Sweater. A simple colour pop from a Print Infinity Scarf keeps this laid back outfit feeling full of wow colours!

Margaret Tuckerman on Feb 13, 2021 10:30 PM

Great idea. Been wracking my brains to figure out what colours to wear with the pansy lace blouse and camisole with.

Diane Macfaden on Dec 05, 2020 8:45 AM

So useful to see how the colour works

Margaret on Nov 21, 2020 9:15 AM

Very useful. Regular update please

Catherine Holland on Nov 21, 2020 8:14 AM

I love this type of article! So helpful. My only request is that you be clearer about who could be wearing what, for example, I am guessing that last ensemble is for a Summer because of the Cassis trousers?

Judith Makoff on Nov 20, 2020 7:33 PM

What a brilliant idea to have a colour focus! Encourages us to see the colour in question in a new light. Will be following this with great interest and enjoyment as I'm sure most of us will be! Thank you, Kettle well!