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Which ice cream flavour are you?


It's summer, it's hot (intermittently, at least) and, if you're anything like me, ice cream is featuring heavily in your life in all its many glorious flavours and colours.

There's something about those pastel-yet-vibrant shades that just evokes an air of glorious seaside holidays and stress-free living. Why not evoke that retro-beach-holiday vibe in your outfit too, and wear your favourite flavour? From orange sorbet to vanilla ice cream and chocolate to mint, there's an ice cream shade for every palette.


So many spring shades sound decidedly edible anyway that it's no problem imagining them in ice cream form! Keep your shades light and bright, with a sorbet pop to brighten things up.


Raspberry ripple, strawberries and cream, mint choc chip... All the softest and coolest shades belong in your Summer sundae.


Tropical fruity shades, from papaya to orange to kiwi fill your palette, and if that feels a little bright you can always play it safe with coffee and vanilla.


Contrast icy lemon sorbet or palest mint with bold bright raspberry, strawberry and blueberry. For maximum impact, ripple your shades with bright white.

All images from Baboo Gelato who make our favourite local artisanal ice cream! If you are coming to Dorset, visit them in West Bay or Lyme Regis.