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When colours clash with style


Whatever your seasonal colour palette, you've probably noticed that each of the seasons has a mood of its own - Spring colours are naturally bouncy and energetic, Summer feels gentle and romantic, Autumn outdoorsy and effortless, Winter sleek and fashionable. But what if the mood of your seasonal palette doesn't align with your own distinct personal style? Here at Kettlewell we occasionally hear from Summers disappointed that their palette lends itself to feminine and floral outfits, and Winters who are worried about looking overly severe and stark.

But the good news is that although each seasonal palette has a style which seems to come most easily to it, every single palette is actually perfectly capable of creating any look you want. Autumn colours can be worn in a bold, statement style, Spring colours can look sophisticated and sleek. Being diagnosed as a season doesn't mean being diagnosed as a particular style.

Instead, it is your personality, body shape, lifestyle and personal preferences, in conjunction with your seasonal colour palette, which all come together to create your personal style, and in turn how you put together colours within your outfit. Whatever palette you wear, you can make your personal style work within it, without needing to compromise.

If you're new to the whole colour and style adventure then our first quiz, the hugely popular and successful Colour Quiz, will get your started with seasonal colour palettes, while our Style Quiz will help you uncover the shapes and styles which will best work for you. Once you're familiar with your personal colours and style, visit the seasonal links below for some non-traditional outfit inspiration for your season.

Kathleen Fortun on Aug 18, 2019 9:23 AM

Love Kettlewell!

Helen H on Aug 16, 2019 5:56 PM

This is a fascinating post again, Jo! I'm usually surprised at how well my friends' styles do fit with their seasonal colours. It would be interesting to hear how many people feel that they are a bit trapped. I am very happy with my seasonal palette as it suits my style and personality - but I do think that knowing I'm a Winter nudges me even more towards the dramatic!