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What's your magic colour?


I was asked a really interesting question recently - one I've never truly considered in all my years as both a colour analyst and Kettlewell's resident colour expert. The question, which I have been pondering every since, was asked by a member of the Kettlewell Colour Club (our amazingly friendly, nurturing and positive private Facebook group, where you can celebrate colour along with us if you'd like - simply click on the link to join).

The question was this: Is there one 'magic colour' for each season? One colour which will suit everyone who falls within that seasonal palette, regardless of their seasonal sub-type? For instance, a Winter colour which will work for every single Jewel, Sprinter, Sultry and Burnished Winter?

Of course, my cogs instantly started to turn, and I've been trying to pick out that one 'magic colour' for each palette ever since. The trouble is, of course, that even the most experienced analyst can't say with absolute certainty that there is a colour that will work for every single Spring, or every single Autumn, because every individual is unique, and it's absolutely impossible for me to make a sweeping decision that this is the right colour for a whole section of humanity. But what I can do is pick the most universal feeling colour from the ones that, in my experience, worked on almost every single member of each seasonal palette. So that's precisely what I've done.

Before you start clicking links to discover the 'magic colour' for each seasonal palette, do you actually know your own? If you don't yet know which seasonal palette belongs to you, your first step is to visit our Colour Quiz to get you started. Once you've done that, simply click on the links below to discover your magic colour...

Jenny on Oct 12, 2020 10:21 AM

I’m a deep/dark Summer who has been struggling to move past navy, grey, and white. I absolutely love the outfit example in my ‘magic’ colours! My next purchase will be in heliotrope.