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Use the sales to stock up for summer

Stripe Pocket Tunics were £59 now £29.50

There are just a few short weeks left of sale season, and while you might have taken the opportunity to stock up on winter woolies, have you thought further than winter and considered stocking up for summer while prices are low?

Although the winter sales contain a heavy dose of long sleeves and knitwear, you can generally pick up some warm weather gems in the January sales at a truly bargain price. If you're wondering whether that strappy top is going to be a warm weather favourite or stare accusingly at you from the back of the wardrobe for the next decade, our six simple rules for sales shopping for summer will help guide you to summer-ready wardrobe pieces to make you smile. You'll be able to waltz past that too-small dress that requires you to lose 20lbs before summer and select only those items which are going to genuinely enhance your wardrobe and become go to items when the weather warms up.

Pleat Stripe Skirt was £49 now £24.50

1. Look at what you already have ready and waiting for the warm weather. Are there any glaring wardrobe gaps? Is one particular area, such as short sleeved tops, looking a little tired and in need of a refresh? Do you generally like what you have in your wardrobe and do you want to build on it, or are you looking for a new style direction? Do you have twelve more or less identical white vests?

2. Make a list and check it twice. You've checked your wardrobe, you know roughly what you have and what the gaps are, so now it's time to get a bit more specific. Jot down a list of either the sorts of things you need ('more work tops') or specific items you're on the hunt for ('stripe skirt'). If you've had your colours analysed, you might want to simply note some colours you want to introduce to your wardrobe.

Twist Tops - were £35 now £24.50

3. Stick to your colours. Sales time is prime temptation season when it comes to colour, especially when it comes to summer clothes, when we often feel a little braver with colour. It's often the bright and the bold colours that get left on the shelves as the full price shoppers stick to boring black, so now can be a dangerous time to be tempted by that cool toned fuchsia strappy dress even though you know that actually warm and soft colours make you look your best. Try to see sales time as a great opportunity to add some of your favourite colours to your wardrobe at a bargain price, or a chance to stock up on your best colours, rather than a time to persuade yourself into a colour that doesn't work because it's so cheap. If you're not sure which colours you should be going for, our colour quiz is a great starting point.

Weekend Skirt was £52 now £36.40

4. Know your style. The aforementioned fuchsia strappy dress might actually be one of your best colours, but if it isn't a style you'll wear and love, it has no place in your wardrobe. Choose items that enhance your personal style and make you feel amazing, not ones that push you so far out of your comfort zone that you can't see it on a clear day with a telescope.

Diane Swing Top 3/4 Sleeve was £39 now £27.30

5. Shop for long term investments. Sales season is a wonderful time to purchase from brands which normally sit at the top end of your budget, or to invest in excellent quality basics rather than stocking up on the cheapest the high street has to offer. Stick with your very best colours and look for timeless styles for you.

6. Stick to your size. Don't be tempted to buy too big or too small because you've got time to lose the weight before summer. There is never ever a good time to want to buy a size smaller - no one needs that kind of guilt hanging in their wardrobe - and buying a size up will make you look and feel messy and frumpy. If it isn't in your size, give it a miss.

Stripe Faux Wraps were £39 now £19.50

Of course, I could add tip seven here - go and browse Kettlewell's sale! Our amazing quality basics and accessories only go on sale a couple of times a year, and customer favourites never hang round for long. As long as the sale is running you'll see a red Sale menu option at the top of the page, and within that you can filter by seasonal palette, specific colour and size, so there's absolutely no risk of being tempted by the wrong items. Go forth and be colourful!

Mavis Dean on Jan 08, 2020 10:42 AM