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Turquoise for Spring (and Summer, and Autumn, and Winter)

The sun has finally put in an appearance, the lawn has been mown for the first time in six months and I'm inclined to believe that Spring may actually finally be springing.

The change in the weather always inspires me to brighten up my outfits a bit, and turquoise is the perfect option at this time of year, reflecting the (occasionally) blue sky and cheering up the days when the sky isn't exactly playing ball.

But which turquoise works for you? Picking the right shade can mean adding just the right level of brightness to your outfit, but getting it wrong can mean either looking dreary and drab, or like you just popped into the clown shop.

Spring - Keep it light, bright and clear, like the sea in a summer holiday catalogue. Make sure there's a good dose of yellow in the colour to keep it warm toned.

Summer - Go for slightly softer shades, preferably with a bit more blue or a mint green tone rather than true bright turquoise. Don't feel you have to go into drab shades, but remember that Summers need that tiny bit of softness or greying to their colours.

Autumn - Your version needs to be slightly deeper than Spring's true turquoise shade, with a softened off edge. Aim for something with a hint of teal or peacock in it.

Winter - make sure your turquoise is clear and bright, without too much yellow to turn it into a warm colour. Alternatively, go for a very pale iced turquoise, just scarcely there at all, and pair with charcoal or navy for high contrast chic.

Ellyn on Apr 08, 2016 6:40 PM

Just discovered I'm Autumn & struggling a bit with it so this helps loads, thank you