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Think Pink

Pink has been a Big Thing for the past few seasons, and this one is no exception, with two gorgeous dusky pinks - one neutral, one cool - making it into the Pantone colour trend report. However, if soft pinks don't float your boat, panic not. Pinks are going not one but three ways this winter - soft, deep, and bright - and I promise that at least one of them will work on you, whatever your season.

Your personal colour palette will determine which shade of pink will make the best statement for you this autumn/winter and beyond. Getting your colours analysed is the best way to discover your own palette, but if you haven't had an analysis yet and want to give yourself a little head start, why not have a go at Kettlewell's 'which season are you?' quiz to get you started?

As a Spring, you can go for the very brightest warm pinks, from almost-red watermelon through to bright coral shades. Make sure you don't drift into cool toned fuchsia and magenta shades. Also expect to see lots of your best soft warm pinks, especially in velvet, which seems set to be the fabric of the season.

Best pinks: watermelon, rose, mellow rose, pink coral

As with Springs, soft pinks in velvet and silk will abound, and with both Pantone colour trend pinks being firmly in the Summer palette, you shouldn't struggle to find soft pinks. For a bit of a change from all the softness, you can also expect to see really deep pinks, almost burgundy, such as beetroot and mulberry.

Best pinks: musk rose, pink clover marl, soft orchid, beetroot and mulberry

Autumn isn't exactly renowned for its huge range of pinks, but the softer peachy pinks in textured fabrics like velvet and corduroy will work fantastically well for you as well as for your fellow warm toned Springs. Make sure the shade is peachy rather than mauve, so it flatters your warm skin tone. Steer clear of the deeper fuchsia and raspberry tones.

Best pinks: mellow rose, light coral, peach

While those very soft mellow pinks are going to do absolutely nothing for you, console yourself with the thought that this seasons vampy deep pink lip will look absolutely fantastic on you. Or try adding that deep purplish pink to your wardrobe. If you prefer a lighter shade, cerise and hot pink will offer a great party alternative.

Best colours: mulberry, diva pink, cerise, hot pink, fuchsia

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