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the new monochrome

Monochrome. The word conjures up images of stark black and white outfits, or maybe shades of grey. But monochrome simply means shades of the same colour, so can apply to any colour in the rainbow existing in isolation.

Of course, if you're going to go for a monochrome outfit, you really want to know that the colour you've gone for makes you look amazing. The last thing you need is top-to-toe unflattering shades to give you that oh so coveted 'I haven't slept much for the last decade' look.

If you're going to go for a bright monochrome, the trick is to do it with confidence and well cut simple styles that let the colour do the talking. I could have explored the single colour look all day, but rather than show you an outfit in every single colour, I've managed to restrain myself to my favourite bright monochrome shade for each season.

spring - yellow

summer - pink

Kettlewell items pictured:

semi scoop 3/4 sleeve in primrose

Kettlewell items pictured:

square 3/4 sleeve in pink ice

For all other items, visit our Polyvore page.

If yellow feels a bit too bold, try layering up a few Spring blues, from cornflower to royal to bright navy.

Not a fan of pink? Burgundy makes for a grown up alternative - add in a couple of lighter cherry shades to stop it looking too heavy.

autumn - red

winter - blue

Kettlewell items pictured:

camisole in geranium

Kettlewell items pictured:

sleeveless cowl in cobalt blue

Make sure your reds stay orange toned rather than blueish. If red is too much, try bright moss green for a monochrome look that is bold but grown up.

It's easy to go for the traditional black and white monochrome look as a Winter, but rather than playing it safe why not go for deep emerald and pine green as an alternative to blue?

Fiona Bell on Sep 11, 2016 2:56 PM

I love the summer crossover FAUX WRAP CAP SLEEVE top

I think it is a quality top not being too low and the crossover creating a quality top in viscose .

I would love one (being a WINTER) in my best summer colour, 'azure' plus ice pink, a light grey, going soft, then an emerald green and a cobalt blue. I have the hot pink.

Looking forward to looking good

Sharon on Aug 16, 2016 4:09 PM

Lovely idea, but could you please show an outfit in the alternative colours - thanks.