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Secrets of layering


Eveline wears a City Poncho in Marine Blue over a Silky Roll Neck in Mandarin Orange.

Layering is an essential skill during the transition seasons, but many of us lack confidence in how to add different styles, colours and textures within an outfit.

Effective layering has many benefits. Number one, the practical. You'll be warm, but if it heats up, you'll be able to cool down incrementally, rather than just shedding one enormous sweater and freezing to death. Number two, style. Mixing layers, textures and prints within an outfit gives it depth and interest, instantly making you look more pulled together. Number three, colour! Layering gives you an opportunity to add more colour into your outfit in a way that looks current and wearable, rather than you having to head out in top to toe ochre (unless you want to. Please don't let me stand between you and top to toe ochre if that's where your heart lies).

When I started to discuss this post with Kettlewell, we got so excited about the opportunities to demonstrate effective layering that it quickly became apparent that we'd need a separate post for each of the four seasonal colour palettes. So if you've had a personal colour analysis, just click on the link below to go to the appropriate post for your palette. If you haven't had a colour analysis, don't panic. You can either make a start on your journey into colour by visiting the Kettlewell colour quiz or simply read on for some great layering looks that will add wow colours to your outfit whatever your skin tone.


The easiest and least challenging way to layer is to stick to tonal shades. The lack of different colours means you just can't go wrong. Make sure you add a long layer to peek out the bottom.

Start with a Long Vest Top in Sky Blue and Ponte Trousers in Navy. Add a Tasha Top in Galaxy Blue and throw on an Alpaca Shawl in Greek Blue. Finish off with a Cashmere Gauze Stole in Navy.


Getting bolder? Try adding some contrasting colours to your layers to add depth and interest to your look. This is a great way of adding a bright shade if you lack confidence doing large quantities of bright colours.

Start with a Silky Roll Neck in Mallard and Ponte Trousers in Charcoal. Layer a Merino Crossover in Festival Fuchsia


The ultimate winter layering system - try adding more than one knitwear layer for style that keeps you cosy.

Start with a Cosy Merino Sweater in Marine Blue and your favourite jeans. Add a Merino Sleeveless Wrap in Indian Ochre and top off with a Cashmere Gauze Stole in Ocean Blue.


Layering can be a great way to add some colour to your workwear too - the sleeveless mock turtle is the perfect lightweight base layer.

Wear a Sleeveless Mock Turtle in Aquamarine and a Grace Pencil Skirt in Praline. Layer over a Cotton Jersey Shirt in Nimbus and then add your Grace Jacquard Blazer in Praline.