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Scarves for Summer

We love a scarf here at Kettlewell. Or even lots of scarves. They bring colour, texture and interest to any outfit. A scarf feels like a super easy addition when the weather is cold, but if you're someone who relies on your scarf to add a pop of colour and finish your outfit, how do you style it when the weather is warmer?

I've got news for you. Summer scarves rule. Especially if you live in Britain, because a scarf allows you to look all breezy and airy and summery without actually freezing to death on those days when the temperature only limps up to about 13 degrees. I'm looking at you, British weather.

Here's how to wear my Kettlewell favourites for summer.

Cashmere Gauze Stole

Cashmere adds instant cosiness without bulk - the airy lightweight fabric of the gauze stole is deceptively warm, and doesn't look like a heavy winter scarf so will fit in with your breeziest outfits. Ideal for combating vicious air conditioning when travelling, or adding lightweight warmth over a party dress.

Silk Leopard Scarf

Smarten up your workwear with a statement silk scarf. Tie in a multitude of ways, or even loop around your handbag strap, for instant Parisian chic.

Willow Scarf

Want insouciant skinny scarf chic? Willow is your friend here. Lightweight enough to wear in the warmest weather, the Willow scarf will add a simple pop of colour without any bulk, and will give any outfit a cool retro vibe.

Florence Infinity Scarf

Florence is your go to for for every single casual outfit all summer. You need one of these in every colour (well, maybe not every colour, but you'll be amazed how quickly you want to try just one more colour). Keeps a summer evening breeze off, but the gorgeously silky fabric won't overcook you when the temperature finally rises.

Metallic Print Scarf

If you like your outfits to be textured and more statement, you need a Metallic Print Scarf scarf in your life. Channel 90s chic with a simple vest and maxi skirt, or add an edge to a simple jeans and tee outfit.

norma garden on Apr 07, 2020 1:39 PM

will you be able too get coral cashmere stole soon

Claire Graham on Apr 04, 2019 2:45 PM

I know that I am probably being daft, but I am unable to make my infinity scarf ever look like it does in the photos! Being one long scarf, to wrap it around the neck without an end unravelling is difficult and can look bulky on me. Any tips for a totally useless scarf wearer?

Kettlewell Colours: Hi Claire, the secret is to place the loop over your head so that it hangs round your neck in one continuous loop (I find it best to have the seam at the back of the neck) then twist once into a figure of eight and place the new loop over your head. It's harder to describe than to do! I find the folds settle nicely naturally but you can arrange it how you prefer.I hope this helps :-)