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My Sale Picks


I think we can all agree that shopping online, preferably while wearing comfortable but stylish loungewear and with a hot drink to hand, beats jostling with the Boxing Day crowds out on the high street.

But even if you aren't faced with the pressure and aggravation of real life shops, it can still be a challenge to know which items in the sale are going to become new wardrobe heroes, and which ones are going to remain in the 'what was I thinking?' pile at the bottom of the wardrobe for the rest of time.

With that in mind, I've put together my golden rules for guaranteed success when you're sales shopping, plus picked out a few of my absolute favourites from this season's Kettlewell sale.

Golden rules for successful sales shopping:

  1. You knew this was coming, but I'm going to say it again: start with your colours and work out from there. Sticking to buying only clothes with make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle will give you a head start on ensuring that you'll love what you buy. If you don't know your seasonal colour palette, make sure you take our colour quiz before you hit the 'buy' button.
  2. Next up - don't ignore your body shape. If you know you're not confident about your tummy, this is no time to give into the 75% off sticker and buy a clingy neon tee.
  3. Alongside body shape, consider your personal style. Is it more minimalist and classic, or romantic and bohemian? While it's great to experiment with clothes, don't let a sales bargain tempt you into purchasing something that you would never consider were it full price. If you're not sure about your personal style, why not let our personal style quiz guide you?
  4. Look first at the items you've coveted at full price, or old favourites that need replacing. This is the best way to get a sales bargain: rather than going wild with new styles, stick to those that you know work and which make you feel your best, and pick up fresh versions in new colours to lift your look.
  5. Think about warmer weather. While sales shopping might not seem the obvious time to stock up on summer gear, think about the transition season and warmer weather ahead - you might pick up a bargain that you'll wear all year, rather than solely looking at thick woollies which you'll love for a month or two before putting away until October.

Stick to these golden rules and sales shopping is almost guaranteed to go in your favour. And if you need a little more encouragement, here are a few of my Kettlewell sale favourites to get you started.


Star Blue Ponte Pencil Skirt | Star Blue Peplum Jacket | Star Blue & Paradise Leopard Scoop | Soft White Cashmere Gauze Stole | Gold Wing Necklace


Cream Marl Holly Wrap | Coral Hetta Long Tee | Chocolate Sienna Leggings | Vibrant Multi Wool Check Scarf


Red Coral Susie Silk Shirt | Donkey Brown Marie 29" Lined Trousers | Soft White Lace Camisole | Platino Metallic Belt | Platino Metallic Tassel Bag


Victoria Blue Reiko Chinos | Snow White Milan Knit Crew | Aqua Chloe Jacket | Apple Florence Infinity Scarf