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Mood enhancers


As well as choosing colour to match your face, have you ever thought of choosing a colour to match (or change!) your mood?

Research has shown time and time again that colours can have a definite impact on the way we feel. We associate different colours with different frames of mind, so can choose the colours we wear to enhance or detract from a particular mood.

So what does the colour you’re wearing today mean for your mood?


Red is a powerful colour, associated with physical courage and strength, energy, excitement and, of course, love. Capturing all of those emotions in one colour means it can be a high impact one to wear, and clients often feel nervous about donning their best red in the form of a top or a lipstick for the first time after a colour analysis, after years of feeling that they ‘couldn’t wear red’ because they didn’t know which one worked for them. Be bold and give your best red a go.



A calming colour, blue is not only associated with serenity, reflection and coolness, but with logic, serenity, intelligence and trust. So pick out a top in your best blue if you need to keep a cool head in a tricky situation!



If you want your glass to feel half full rather than half empty, choose yellow from your wardrobe. Associated with optimism, confidence, friendliness and emotional strength, yellow is also associated with creativity (as I write this I am sitting here in a yellow ochre top, perhaps it’s time for a highly unscientific study into which colours help me write better!)



Green is inextricably linked with nature, giving it an association with growth, environmental awareness, equilibrium, restoration and peace and tranquility. A great colour to turn to in troubled times, wearing your best green will help you return to tranquility and rest after a stressful day.


Purple and Violet

The varied shades of purple and violet are associated with spiritual awareness, vision and truth, as well as luxury and quality. A great colour to choose if you need to see your way through a thorny problem.



Another tranquil shade, pink is also associated with nurture, warmth, love and femininity. A great colour for expressing a more feminine side, or for mixing with green to really bring out your inner zen master.



A neutral colour in every sense, grey is associated with being detached and impartial. Perhaps a good one to wear when dealing with unruly children! For Winters, taking grey all the way into black also has associations with emotional safety and security, as well as efficiency.


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