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Meet the Accessories

I've shown you a few sneak peeks, but I thought it was time we took a proper look at the accessories that Kettlewell have added to their essential collection of wardrobe basics.

For me, Kettlewell has always been about providing wardrobe foundation blocks in a rainbow of colours, and I think the accessories are the next logical step in that process. The new range offers a fab selection of accessories which can mix and match with your Kettlewell basics and other pieces in your wardrobe to provide either a splash of colour or a harmonious neutral.

As well as scarves (print and plain), you can now choose bags, necklaces (coloured and plain metal), bracelets and even shoes in your best shades. Getting your core wardrobe pieces in your best shades has seriously never been easier.

While we're on the subject, don't under-estimate the impact of getting your accessories right. They can bring an everyday outfit to life, or add the finishing touch to an elegant evening look, and getting them in the right shade will give your outfit that effortless put together look that we all love.

Still not convinced? See what Kettlewell's capsule accessory collection can add to an outfit...

Alison Grindrod on Nov 15, 2017 11:49 AM

I like the cosy cotton stripe top in nimbus/pastel blue which says it is spring/summer . The matching scarf looks really nice but only says is suitable for summer . I am curious why . I don’t want to make a mistake. Any comments

Kettlewell Colours: Some colour combinations - such as nimbus and pastel blue - sit on the border of two palettes, so will work for people in both seasons, but some colours fall more firmly into one season so will only be listed for that season. Even though the difference may only be slight between a 'crossover' and a single season colour, we always try to code our colours accurately to ensure they are coded only for the seasons they work well for.

joy on Oct 07, 2017 5:26 PM

I can't find the heliotrope infinity scarf