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Luxurious loungewear or glittering glamour: what's your festive style?


Some things are pretty much a given for those of us that celebrate Christmas. Big roast (although I think I was about 18 before I realised that some people manage to get Christmas lunch on the table at actual lunchtime, as opposed to around 5pm), presents under the tree, visits from the big man in red, you know the drill.

However, the matter of what to wear during this period of chocolate, gifts and all the obscure drinks from the back of the cabinet (snowball, anyone?) still remains one of some controversy. For some families it's full on glamour, while others remain in their Christmas pyjamas from dawn (or pre-dawn, if small children are in the house) to dusk.

So do you spend your festive period glammed up to the max, or is your family more of the loungewear and comfy slippers brigade? Whatever your style, we've got your outfit inspiration covered this Christmas.

Here are four looks, taking blue as our theme, for a variation of the traditional red.

Luxurious loungewear using the Summer palette


Comfy casuals using the Winter palette


Smarty pants using the Spring palette


Kettlewell items above:

zoe tunic in bright navy

Glittering glamour using the Autumn palette


Kettlewell items above:

lace bolero in gold

What's your favourite festive look? Do you prefer to leave room for waistline expansion at lunchtime, or stay strictly dressed up to the nines?