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Knitwear know-how

We're firmly into October and the weather is feeling decidedly nippy. But after the bold brights of your summer tees and dresses, bulky knitwear in drab colours feels like a bit of a comedown, right?

Wrong. Or, at least, it definitely doesn't need to, with our array of gorgeously bright knitwear at your disposal. We're particularly thrilled with our knitwear range this autumn/winter, thanks to some amazing new fabrics and improvements to the fit of some old favourites, as well as the perfect accessories to finish your outfit while keeping you cosy warm.

Whether your style is preppy and neat or flamboyant and flowing, we've got you covered this winter (and if you don't know which of those works best for you, why not start with our personal style quiz and discover whether you're more Movie Star or Minimalist?).

I wanted to really show off our knitwear and inspire you to invest in these gloriously bright cosy cover ups, so for this post I've created full looks for all four seasonal palettes featuring my favourites from the knitwear range. So whether you're an Autumn trying to figure out how to combine textures, layers and tonal shades, or a Winter wondering how on earth soft knitwear fits in with your bold, high contrast look, simply click on the links below for a host of inspiration for your seasonal palette. If you're not sure which seasonal palette belongs to you, why not start with our colour quiz so you can begin to explore the amazing world of colour?